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alright everyone time to come clean. speak of ya fetishes name off all you have or think you may have or ones that your curious about. for those of you who think this is a personal subject go fuck yourself dont even bother leavin comments.

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YIFF IN HELL! nah just kidding furr ftw
I don't mind a nice prostate massage...
But not surprisingly, most females I know are rather unwilling to do so.

Too weird?
if they didnt want wierd shit they wouldnt have made the post, they are a nazi though............
Not too weird. Haha

It has to feel good - but there is a less invasive method, the pernium (dunno if that is the correct name?) comes to mind and with gently applied pressure or massaging...well, it's good enough to leave my boyfriend numb and speechless.
Boys, try it out on your own. Find your exterior g spot. lol
Nice hands, like pianist hands, thats something I kinda can't not lust after in someone.
Medical fetishist - Doctors and such really excite me, which does make seeing my GP sometimes a tad awkward, haha.
BDSM - almost all aspects are delightful, I rule out play with bodily fluids though, thats not nice.
Older men - there is just something about a guy 20 or more years older which I find thrilling, especially when they seem so mature and classic, a gentleman fetish :D
Lingerie - corsets, stockings and nice panties. Holy shit, thats good - its just so sexy!
Maids, I have a huge kink for girls in french maid outfits with the feather dusters and lace stockings, and those white frilly gloves.
Punishment - who doesn't get a kick out of pretending to be their Mmmy and spanking them over your lap?

So many more, I suppose I am just one giant heap of kink.
"So many more, I suppose I am just one giant heap of kink."

I think that is a lovely way of wording it!
Hahaha, thankyou :)
Its an apt description, if truths to be told.
Pain turns me on :3 Especially the typical "bitchy" pain haha, when girls bite and scratch you.
people with crutches hehe.
uhm. boyfriend found this site... can easily be fused with many fetishes and turn ons.

Let's just say... wow. Somethings that people can do haha
Bondage, not unheard of or anything but when I watch porn I like bondage.
watching bondage porn ir being bound?


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