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Im very curious to know everyones religion and beliefs its always an interesting discussion when it comes to this. Me personally i believe in LaVeys form of Satanism combined with Luciferian Satanism. I follow the Left Hand Path.

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Fuck religion. I became a LaVeyan satanist when i was 14 and was drinking blood and shit because I thought I hated god. Turns out I just hate a lot of shit. There is no such thing as religion. All religions at least attempt to control thought and creativity. Know no limtits. Hell, for the most part y'all already don't frickin listen to anybody about other stuff. Why be told what to think? Lovs
Agnostic. Much too lazy to prove religions wrong, or right. Especially not right. That is waaaay to much work. I really hate it when people try to convert me by saying, "Better safe then sorry!"
Oh yeah, we didn't come from monkeys. We evolved from common descent, but not directly from monkeys. *scratches armpit*
I'm an anti-theist.
Not an atheist, an anti-theist.
Atheism merely being without religion, Anti-theism is to be opposed to religion.
i thought atheist meant that you do not believe in the exsistence of god/gods? anyway my personal opinion is that you shud live life the way you want and if everything u belive in is coverd by 1 religion then fine, you have a common ground with other people and you are truely of that religion.

i agree with bits of differnt religions but 4 me there isnt 1 religion out there that covers all my beliefs so therefore i am unreligious.
I am nothing. I was Agnostic but I felt something and now I believe. Call me a Christian, Catholic... anything. You will just be looked upon with disgust as you judge me for my beliefs. Is that not what we are here for? Support of our beliefs? I will not bash your Satanism. It is your choice. Either way, in the end I believe that your actions call where you go, if anywhere.
Amazingly beautiful comment. My phukking thoughts exactly. Too cool.
as I have said on other posts I do not believe in organised religions , but I do believe in something that control's my life and everything I do , myself , I believe in self reliance .
I'm Agnostic.

Agnostic is the philosophical view that the truth value of certain claims — particularly metaphysical claims regarding theology, afterlife or the existence of deities, ghosts, or even ultimate reality — is unknown or, depending on the form of agnosticism, inherently impossible to prove or disprove. It is often put forth as a middle ground between theism and atheism.
agnostic, Im actually of the belief that religion hurts humanity more than helps now adays. If a higher god exists, I think he would be shaking his head at how we all live
i have to agree here
hm... I am not a religious person but im kinda of more a beliver. I take the parts I like from each religion most Christianity and Judaism and mix them together.
I also stard to takend interested in some parts of satanism.
But I think religious fanatic are bullshit. They use religin as a cover for war and hate!
Indeed, but what i think most people don't do is seperate ideas from the actions of people... yes fanatics use religion as an excuse for war and hate, but so do some of the non religious. its called persecution, hating anyone for their ideals is wrong. people are entitled to have even mistaken ideals, its just when these ideals are being imposed on others is when we have to worry and or take action. Personally, i dont see why Christian churches and Moslem Mosques couldnt be next door to eachother. It is the actions and attitudes of a few that makes this impossible not the ideals that are in question.

As a person who practices a religion, i dont harbor any resentment towards any other faiths (or the lack thereof) contrary to my own. But a while back an outspoken atheist proclaimed, in class on class time, that my God was no more believeable than something as absurd as a flying spaghetti monster. It is because of narrow-minded people like that, that we have such hostility between faiths. He should not have said that, its one thing to believe such a thing but to attack something like that in a neutral setting such as that is disrespectful, its the same to me as someone stating that Hinduism is absurd because they are not monotheistic both to me, even though i am not a follower of hinduism, are equally offensive... let people believe how they want but respect that even if you disagree... Its called tolerance.

Athiests and agnostics (most of you are perfectly cool with me, i'm not attacking anyone by this) clamour for secularism to be more accepted and for the religious to be tolerant but at that same time there are others that won't do the same for me no matter how much i can tolerate their views...

I dont think that religion hurts humanity, i think that the incapacity to learn and practice tolerance and respect for the rights of others is what hurts humanity, and its been the same sad story throughout the course of history. I cant think of one religion that actively tells people to go out and hate someone because their ideals differentiate from "the flock",and if it has been said it has been said twisted through the mind of a sick human being rather than a divine teaching.

Philosophers on both sides of the belief coin, have posited for or against god and religion so don't tell me its "illogical" because i'm not buying. however i will tell you this, do not blame religion as a whole for the actions of radical extremists or hypocrits, this goes from the televangelist snorting crack and sleeping with children to suicide bombers... none of it is right or is it a fair representation of what a religion actually believes or condones.

It makes me happy to see that, for the most part in this thread, no one has attacked or hurt anyone's beliefs and that we can be free to discuss such things with respect and human dignity. Not all of us agree, and thats perfectly fine, no one's forcing their views on anyone, and thats just the way it should be. People have a choice to hate or fight... we simply chose not to and we are much better for it, religion has nothing to do with whether or not we decide to let prejudice and fear get the best of us, its just an excuse used by cowards who refuse to think for themselves.


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