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maybe this is just me but i think people are disapearin off of MR. i started noticing that today idk maybe ive just had too much to drink lol...or maybe im just bored...or possibly bothy lmoa

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Like who? How do you mean? Their profile of they never come on anymore?
im not sure who but i noticed a couple people commented me and i looked again today and their pros were gone an so was their comment.
I didnt notice that but a LOT of prople who are members just stopped coming on. Like Emily Beth for one off the top of my head.
i wonder why...maybe its a government conspiracy lol
She no longer has a mohawk
oooh i know of one or two that were definitely a spam bot of some sort.

they'll come back, have no fear
Like who? Hillary Becker of course. You should join the group I made. Die Hillary Beacker. Hahaha
haha spam bots? who were they?
and the other one that commented everyone...but is no where to be found. No proof. haha
A lot of them have no mohawk and they dont see the point in remaining.
Yeah, people are dissapearing. I barely come up on this muthafuckah anymore.


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