Mohawks Rock

I miss my old long hair,

it was the envy of men... and even women! But I don't want the stale boringness of long brunette locks,

and still want to incorporate some mohawk "style?" I guess you can call it lol,

any suggestions or ideas,

help a brotha out! lol

Man I'm sure gonna be nostalgic for the rest of this week, since I cut my mohawk down to like 3 inches.

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Dude, shave it all off and then don't touch it for a year. It'll suck for a few months, but it grows in so much nicer.
Sweet. I think that today is the day I stop growing
Wow haha, I wouldn't mind that though,

I'm not a fan of my natural hair color haha
Seriously, I never think my mohawk is good enough, so I end up like chopping it off to do something else with it, and than I regret it for like 5 months, and then I'll love it for another 3 and than I'll get sick of it again haha
oh my god. me too haha.

I cut it off in October...and made the sad puppy dog eyes and asked sam to reattach it. *sigh* it's starting to come in nicely now, but I need to make it all even.. ARGH
Haha good luck =]
Haha I did that this Jan... I couldn't handle no mohawk though lol,

so right now I have a wide buzzhawk,

which actually is starting to grow out nicely haha,

oh and good luck with your mohawk too =D
i'm doing the exact opposite =p

i haven't cut my hair for 3 years, now i'm gonna try a mohawk for real (as opposed to cutting my own hair lop sided haha)
oh the days of having long hair I had shoulder length hair b4 I got my mohawk which I've had for 3yrs now and I can tell u how many times I've tried to grow it out b4 I've ended up cutting it. I got my mohawk when I was in cosmetology school and everybody was like in awe it was like they never saw a girl with a mohawk b4 and then right b4 I graduated I dyed it rainbow and everybody couldn't believe it cuz I was known for being bisexual. anyways do w/e makes u feel good.


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