Mohawks Rock

I miss my old long hair,

it was the envy of men... and even women! But I don't want the stale boringness of long brunette locks,

and still want to incorporate some mohawk "style?" I guess you can call it lol,

any suggestions or ideas,

help a brotha out! lol

Man I'm sure gonna be nostalgic for the rest of this week, since I cut my mohawk down to like 3 inches.

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That's a tricky one. You could always wait a looong time and grow out your mohawk long enough so that it seems like regular hair when worn down, depending on the lenght of your hair. A girl I knew had the longest most beautiful hair, and it took me months to realize that she actually had a massive undercut, almost mohawk cut. Orrrr, you could do a fauxhawk? ;) Can't really think or anything else
ive got hair all over my head. pretty much all shoulder length
i just put the hawk up, and tie the sides back or whatever
I had ridiculous long brown hair before I got my hawk, which I love a lot, even though I rarely put it up, partly because I left it 9 inches tall, With nine inches if I part in in the middle it looks like i have a really feminine haircut in the front but it thins out towards the back.
I was gonna do that but thats too boring lol..I had my hair 7 inches all over once
I beat that, it was down to my ass, used to be a huge metal head........
Yeah dude,

Same here haha,

as a matter of fact I still am a huge metal head =p

My hair was about a foot I think before I cut it all gay and preppy than I was like fuck this shit, MOHAWK! ahha, oh and to everyone this post isn't really relevant anymore, because I got a mohawk again, I couldn't handle not having one so I have a buzzhawk haha
hahahaha, i am still a huge metalhead too lol, also LOLOLOLOLOLO
Haha oh that's awesome, I'm like the most known about kid at school when I used to have my 8 inch purple and blue mohawk hahah.

Good days =]

Where do you go to school at?

Noone really freaks out, except for maybe parents haha.
Yeah I had the similar situation, but when I ended up getting the mohawk everybody also ended up loving the mohawk just as much if not more =p
Try a tri hawk when they're down you can't tell parts of your head is even shaved hardly. And when it's up you have have your mohawk plus two more.
Haha I would, but for me, I've always liked tri hawks more on women rather than men, idk, I think it's just women pull it off better or something, since the hairstyle is.... more flashy? Idk I probabilly just offended someone unintentionally oh well.
I agree...
3...the number of power...


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