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I was recently at a work conference. Head Office flew 120 of us from around the country for this. I'd met about half of them at last years conference. Back then I had "normal" hair. Anyway I put my hair up for 2 of the 3 days I was there. Head Office love it. All the suppliers for work that were present at the conference loved it too. As did all of the hotel staff.

As I was checking out of the hotel, I had my hair down (I always have it down if I have to fly anywhere). One of the hotel staff commented that it was the best comb over he'd ever seen. I couldn't help but laugh and agree.

I've been losing my hair on top since I was 20. I'm almost 29 now. And it is quite obvious that I have less hair on top than the rest.
(I took the photo about 2 minutes ago. It's currently 3:55am. I've had my hair up for 2 days now. It's about 13 inches high)

I guess it could be described as a combover.

Anyone else had a comment that you weren't expecting?

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Wellll last night i got called a dog by some random kid on a bike, that was a bit unexpected.
i think the most unexpected was being called a horse for the first time.

I've got a little I've heard it all and it doesn't really phase me. last frito-lay rep said it was mermaid hair ... and that made me stop for 3 seconds. haha
Someone called me a rooster once. It was weird, but I suppose I could see how he thought that.
Woodstock. You know, the bird in Peanuts. At first, I was like, what the fuck?! Then I saw Woodstock again. I just hung my head in shame.
At work we've been playing "Australia - Land of Parrots" on all of the TVs.

Black Cockatoo was on screen and one of the staff said that I look like them


EDIT: I found a better picture


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