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how do other people with huge hawks deal with cars and low roofs? becuase latley mine's been getting knoked over quite a bit by these archeological monsters.

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pull the seat back, lean awkwardly, dont drive, there is already two threads for this i think, or they got deleted.
i got hit by a cop car the other school, then i used my parkour skillz to dive and roll onto it, then they got pissy with me, so i verbally pwned them and they went home with their pig tails between their legs, END OF IRRELEVANT STORY!
Um yeah, if your hair spray is good enough, just make sure you don't slam it in teh door, then slouch.
Step 1: Open window.
Step 2: Tilt head towards window, approximately 90 degrees.
Step 3: ????
Step 4: Profit!
bit awkward, i see no profit in this thats silly...............there would be banana hammocks everywhere!
Yeah, thats what I thought it was from but I wasn't sure.
+1 internet to you!
3 = not being able to see where you're going, resulting in someone getting distracted by your hair being distracting to you and hitting you and giving you permanent injuries?
LOL! Profit still cracks me up.

I just scoot the seat back a bit, lean the seat back, and use a pillow to keep myself propped normally. Seems to work.
step 1: steal underpants.
step 2:
step 3: : PROFIT!!!

lol thanks, i didn't know there was already a subect ont his, but i was NOT about to got chech all of em.
I use hair spray and go in sideways so my hair bends...
And that was when my hair was over a foot tall. haha
i have a sunroof, so i just stick it out the top, and bend it where the sunroof isnt at. the hairspray seems to hold everything in place pretty well


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