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So, now I just learned that supposable colored laces mean different things. Which I never knew. Honestly I could care less but, now I'm curious to what each color mean?

Also, I'm trying to find green laces but I can't find them ANYWHERE can someone give me a good website or something?

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You can find green braces at this site:

But no luck on the green laces.
yo, i feel stupid. colored laces, any eye hole, or the uk dm store
I don't have any idea if purple and blue mean anything...but I think that'd be rad to have some for my high tops. =]
Ive been looking all over for them, but Ive been having a hard time finding ones long enough for the shoes...
I ignore the meaning of colored laces. Sure, they mean things to some, but that trend seems to be fading away.
I wear whatever color fits my mood for the day.

Apparently, hankerchief colors (for those who dress more formally) also have meanings. I don't use hankerchiefs, even with a suit, as I think disposable tissues are more sanitary. And when I need to use a Kleenex, I really don't care what the color is (I do prefer white, since w/o coloring, it's more eco-friendly).
Yay white tissues!
I was told blue meant unity....
yeah by me! xD hahhaa
i just got bright green laces there sick. ive heard they mean unity/ vegan. i really dont care but im not a vegan lol
where did you get them? are they for boots or sneakers...?

i must knowww! haha
i got em on ebay
i just looked up neon green laces or somethin like that.
there 137 cm long wich fits my boot up to about the 10th hole if i tie them wierdly. my boots have 12 holes.
heres the exact ones
ooooooh. thank you :-D

I have flat ones, but the eyes are too close together on my boots for that to work and look halfway decent.
i must find tubes!
They look good! Whoa! And I can get them for really cheap to the UK even with the postage! Cheers for that link - might get myself a pair too.

How does the actual colour look compared to the eBay picture?


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