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So, i'm sporting a hawk right now, but I can only get it into a wierd comeover hawk at the time because of my hair. My hair is so curly that whenever I go to put it into a fan, it curls over to one side. I am currently using "Gotta be Glue" hair spray and on occasion "Spiker" gel. I've searched and found some stuff about brown eggs or glue, is that right?

Anyway, I just decided to ask you guys, how can I sport a fan, or liberty spikes even, with such curly hair?

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im curly too... straight your hair with a hair iron
alright guys thanks.

I was told that if you hold it in place, lay the hair dryer on a counter and dry it from their that it will go faster. Is that true?

The people who tell me these things don't have mohawks so I have to take everything they say with a grain of salt.
thick soap foam, then comb it to the side and blowdry it. Might work for you, works well for me. It's going to make your hair a little heavier, but also stickier, makes it easier to spike.
Well, my hair isn't this much curly, it's more frizzy and this is the only thing that gets my hair straight.
mousse works better for that, that can make it heavier though, straightener is better
I, too, suffer from curly hair, of the especially thick variety.
I blow dry my hair straight. I style my hair when it is dry, and I only use hairspray. I do it in smallish sections, spray and dry one side and repeat the other. (Only I start in the middle where my hair usually would split).
I also use some shampoo and conditioner that says it's supposed to help keep your hair straight and not frizzy, so, maybe something like that might help. If you have a tight curl, a la nappy hair, a relaxing kit might be your new best friend.

After you have it up use a straightener to even out the ends (low heat setting is fine). As long as the product in your hair is dry and the hair is also dry, it should help minimize the curling and falling over factor.
Thank you guys so much, with a little bit of effort I was able to get my hair up today, first time ever!

Surprisingly enough, all i had to do was straighten it, use some gel and lather it throughout my hair, then while holding it, use the hair dryer which i laid on it's side on the counter and i just sat in front of it and did sections.

Got alot of positve feedback, i'll try to post pics later if i can.

sadly though, since it's my first time it's kind of uneven but eh, it's a work of progress.
You could also use Got2bDefiant hair pomade, that stuff is like cement. my hair is extremely cury and i use a straightener with the pomade and spray is afterward. works like a dream


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