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There are like hardly anybody with them =/

I tried searching on google but nothing to great came up,

I was thinking of doing it, but I wanna see good examples so if you have pics or links to sites etc.

I wanna see 'em haha

and also what do you think about them?

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Yeah I forgot all about Wattie's dreadhawk. But yeah I've seen his before and it's sort of what inspired me in the first place as to thinking about getting one a while back.

So now I'm kinda toying with the idea again. =p

Thanks though not only did have some good examples The Exploited is also one of my favorite punk bands.=]
That's pretty fuckin down haha,

yeah it's like one of the best I've seen,

which isn't really saying much because I've seen like what 3? haha

Yeah I don't like much punk so for me to even like a band takes a lot,

and I fucking love them haha =]
Tim Skold also had a Dreadhawk in 2004, when he played for Marilyn Manson. Though, not all the way down to the neck.
Look at some pictures here

Dreadhawks are really cool. But I had normal Dreads too, before I got my hawk. Taking care of Dreadlocks can be a bitch, especially if they are really thin, like they should be for a Dreadhawk.
It might not be too bad, if you get "Rub Dreads" (don't know what they're called in english). Those Dreads are made by rubbing your wet hair with a towel. Your hair has to be really short (1inch, or even better would be if it was less).
Those Dreads are really thin, but you don't have to take care of them that much. They are pretty tight and all too. Only bad thing about them is, that it will take a while till they finally look like actual Dreads. And also your hair has to grow longer again.
Yeah he had a really good dread hawk I especially loved the length of it that's what I want but all the way to the back of my neck.

I don't know what they're called here either because I've never seen them I'll check those out though,

the only thing is it'd be a shame to cut my mohawk since I've been patiently growing it for 8 months today is the 8 months anniversary =]
on a member ofthe murderdolls i saw a mohawk then the rest dreadlocked
I looked I couldn't find the guy with the dreadhawk,

do you know his name or which instrument he plays?
i think it ewas guitar, it was all bright red, check out their vid for white wedding i thinks its in there

Something more like that,

but her's is pretty rad though =]
Dude yours is so sick,

how long did it take to get done?
Yeah Idk I'm regrowing my hair right now becuase to do this, I'm gonna need my hawk wider.

So yeah and the whole not getting it will kinda suck becuase I love taking showers haha.
Not too detailed, but this is my friend's boyfriend... kind of an overview, I suppose

hooray! woods! booze!

Now there is a fine looking man.

he used to work at a club i frequented... it looks amazing in person.


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