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O.o I know people do. Not so sure about on here though.
I sell a lot of MM tees...
thats awsom that u sell his t's!!!
i hadnt found any one that listen to him befor, so i thot id ask!!!
ya i think he's the shit!!! i listen to him so much!
super lame:|
I'm still a fan, but I wasn't too impressed with his new album
if you look at my pix, on my jacket theres a MM patch
Really? I loved his new album. Okay it just so happened I got dumped the same time that album came out so it really spoke to me, and still does.
yeah i love marilyn manson.
i like his older stuff though.:)
I may listen to Marilyn Manson every once in a great while but I don't really listen to him as much as I used to. Its all about metal and horror core now yo.
I listen to him sometimes but he's not on my regular listening at all, I like the music videos but I can't relate to his songs.


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