Mohawks Rock

Some things that have become a bit more difficult are:
-driving...i have to put the seat back down and scrunch way down in my seat to fit. do you people with realllly long mohawks fit in a car??
-sleeping. I'd rather not sleep on my back because it will smash the back..but sleeping on my side bothers some of my newer piercings. :S
-large crowds...if someone isn't bitching about getting poked with it they're running their fingers across the top, bending it over or otherwise fucking it up.
-dealing with everyone's sarcastic remarks. I'm sure you all know what i'm talking about.
Other than that, I fucking love it.
The other day I went to buy groceries and 5 different little kids came up to me and told me how much they liked my even asked his mom if he could cut his hair like that :)..his mom wasn't very enthused. haha.

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In reply to fining in cars..we don't...
i have to tilt my head or just lean forward.
it also gets in the was of the drivers vision when i sit in the middle....

i generally wash mine out as i don't get it up all that mush....
but i just have to sleep on my site or somehow hang my head over the edge so my hair doesn't touch anything...

i Mohawk whack the nicest way possible....
t'is a little bothersome up the front of a moshpit as it will get crushed if people want to more forward.

Haha yeah...people are funny like that.
The just aren't used to seeing a Mohawk in town

i love little kids reactions...they haven't yet learnt there are something you shouldn't say aloud in public..then their parents yell at them....and tend to discourage the idea that they should do that to their hair....
ah yes..mohawking whacking..that's always fun :D
I have the seat back and scrunch, but I don't worry too much if my hawk has been dry for a while.

I sleep on my stomach.

People don't really touch mine too much, but they rub my head a lot.

I get my gender questioned a lot by little kids, lol.
haha yea man hate when ppl make remarks!!! but you just gotta live with it fuck what ppl say man!!
not really
i love little kids, i go to college with a creche and it's awesome
sleep on your stomache with your chin on the pillow,youll get use to theposition,its better than smashing your piercings.

in large crowds just try to be extra aware of where your hair will go when you turn your head,theres not much you can do to avoid people fondling it.

with the sarcastic remarks just lauph at them cus they really are immature and laughing will piss them off.

haha i love when little kids do that =]
aww theyre so cute.
Hah, well. my hair dresser says smthing like that "If you'll ever see me on the street with my kid, RUN AWAY!" It's becouse her little kid want's a mohawk too. :D
sleeping: i start on my side so i dont smash the fan or spikes but i end up smashing them any way. however got2be products do pretty well keeping the shape and only require touch ups in the mornings.

Driving: holy fuck it sucks. I drive a pickup and with out my hair up i only have like 1inch of clearance to the ceiling. So with my hair up i either have to crunch an duck a lot or lean to the side which is very difficult to drive safely.

Sarcastic remarks: i kinda enjoy when RANDOM people ask how long it takes to do my hair.

It was great this summer when I went to Sturgis Bike Rally. As many wierd looking people there, I was getting comments on my hair.
I drove today for the first time since I started with the mohawk.

Recline the seat back a heap and I managed not to ruin the 10inch spikes. Except the very top one which was rubbing on the roof of the car. But it wasn't bad.

Otherwise I was fine driving :D
with regards to driving, the first time i did up my fauxhawk, my hair was already pretty long, and i used some blue gel to colour the tips, and it rubbed along the roof of my dad's car. (oops, blue spot is still there lol)

and one time, i was bowling with some buddies and this rando chick asks to touch my hair... and then her friend [which i assumed to be the boyfriend] gave me some evil look like i was gonna steal his girl LOL

as for sleeping, i've been sleeping in fetal position for as long as i can remember, so i never had a problem


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