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ive had some pretty funny thing n heard some pretty funny sex stories i was wondering if anyone wud like to share theres my best one is
when we were doin some very bendy positions he fell off is the only way to explain it and hit his head
he hit it so hard he passed out
i then noticed there was blood comin out of his ear and so called the abulance and he gt taken to hsptl completly naked
he was fine btw slight concusion and a bruized ego
he never even gt to finish

ive also broken about 12 beds in my life time most embaressing my friends mothers bed
i still dnt no what they sed happened lol

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i have no life yes u will muhahahahahahahaha
It'll be tough, Your 92 to his 2000-something. Hahahaha
I have the power of the internet and too much time on my hands! BRINGIT
I'm working on it ;-) haha
Well, probably when I was sixteen and my mum caught me and my boyfriend having a rowdy little wrestling match underneath the sheets.

The funny thing about it was we were shopping for groceries well about 2 weeks later and she was still very sore about the matter. My face looked very stiff as it does when I'm angry or in pain and she asked me what was the matter.

I said "Ahh, my back just hurts quite a bit." I was in swimming practice for about 4 hours a day at this point and it made all of my muscles sore but really got my back.

So she gets a nasty smile on her face and replies,"Well then, maybe you should stay off of it."

Wrong answer, mum.

I looked at her and could not help but to break into a very large smile and reply, "Yeah...but if you remember correctly, I wasn't on my back."
dont u mean a sex worthy story
and happy birthday 2moro
): G's. I should make something awesome up.

I guess the funniest thing that's ever happened to me was me and my boyfriend were just kinda messing around, and I'd tied his wrists above his head (;o) and we were just about to get into it and there's a knock at my door, so He kinda panics and can't get his wrists untied so he end's up shoving them under a pillow lol and my dad opens the door, sees us said 'oh shit, sorry' and shuffles off. Needless to say the mood was kinda ruined by insane laughter lol.

Oh there was also the time I was messing around with him and my friend (who just likes to walk into peoples rooms) just kinda walked in and my boyfriend grabbed the nearest pillow to cover him self, witch turned out to be her pillow she'd left here a few months ago. She didn't want the pillow back.
I was eating a chick out and when she got up to switch positions her legs collapsed. She pulled me off the bed on the way down, and my roommate yells out "you're doin' the piledriver all wrong," after hearing the crashing.
i was supposed to be babysitting, and my gf decided she wanted to give me a bj(like im gunna turn that down XD) and just as i was about stepdad walks in and kicks us BOTH out of the house
also forgot to mention the time i got booted to the couch for making shadow puppets durring sex(funny thing is like 2 months later i was in the living room at my dads at like 2 in the morning browsin the web when i hear some banging around and then laughing then a light slap then my dad coming out of his bedroom and it turns out he got in trouble for the EXACT same thing lol)


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