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ive had some pretty funny thing n heard some pretty funny sex stories i was wondering if anyone wud like to share theres my best one is
when we were doin some very bendy positions he fell off is the only way to explain it and hit his head
he hit it so hard he passed out
i then noticed there was blood comin out of his ear and so called the abulance and he gt taken to hsptl completly naked
he was fine btw slight concusion and a bruized ego
he never even gt to finish

ive also broken about 12 beds in my life time most embaressing my friends mothers bed
i still dnt no what they sed happened lol

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i can't really think of any to top that
but my fave was when i had my bunk bed and my friend nile and his now wife kryss where up there and she was giving him head
my sister walked into the room without knocking and kryss got embarassed and started laughing so when i finally stood up from my bed(i knew what was going on) all i see is kryss looking down at nile's dick laughing like mad)
Well one time i ACCIDENTALLY THE WHOLE BED! THE WHOLE BED! is that bad?
heh yeah.
im one of those that dont.
Is that a spin off of the "urinal cake" sign?
yup I was getting some lip service from one of my g/f's and my p/a and her braces kind of got caught , I thought I was going to have to go to the hospital with my g/f's head stuck in my lap :) after about 30 minutes of agony we managed to free ourselves , last time that ever happend with the jewelry in I can tell you , then there was this time we were fumbling around in the dark for the ky jelly for a little lube job and ended up getting the deep heat instead , ouch thank got I smelt it right away and avoided some serious burns .
omg that PA story is so gud
im crying with laughter thank u spook my darling thank u
..ouch jezuz Deep fucking Heat on the tools??? :O thats painful.
Is deep heat your equivalent of icy hot or bengay? haha
that would be terrible!
I have nothing to top that, I feel the need to try though XD
im a virgin so idk wat to say my goal is to be a top forum contributor


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