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Alright, I live in a small kinda hick town, a very family oriented place. I love my town don't get me wrong, but i had the break down of my life awhile ago. In school, I had just started being VERY open about my sexuality (Pansexual, that means i will date a anyone, gender or sexual orientation of any kind dose not bother me, including transsexuals.) At first i had the support of my friends, and i thought it would be great, not to mention there is a small handful of other gay people that attend my school. But only a few days after becoming open about it, after word spread. A few of my friend stopped talking to me, even one i had known from age 3. people pushed me in the halls, called me a freak and such, and i even had gotten in a fight cause what i wished was still my bestfriend's boyfriend accused me of trying to hit on her, and he hit me, a few times, hard. But, keeping my head high i didn't do anything back. Once i had gotten home, the school had actually called my home, to make sure my parents knew, and, after that, my mother cried and my stepfather left. My real father, love him to death, told me i would be okay, and stayed with me while i cried. I know this is getting long,and i guess my point to this is, even though, at the time, it all seemed like hell and a half, now weeks later i feel great,I'm damn proud to be who i am. And any other gay,lesbian,bisexual, transgendered people out there should be too, be proud to be who you are, nothings wrong with you.
Love is love, no matter what.


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I had kinda the same situation only I had only told one person and it spread like wildfire. Situation was almost identicle, my father wouldnt talk to me for a whole year and my mother just shrugs. This world needs to wake up already! Be who you are, there is always someone out there that will love you for who you are. Plus, conforming to be something your not is waaayyy more painful than not conforming and being disliked by many. If they are true friends they will be there for you. High School doesnt matter anyway, it would be 4 years of hell but once you get out its the big world. People worry more about themselves than you.
Glad to hear you are staying strong. Really proud of you.
I used to have to describe it as "dating anything regardless" for people to remotely understand it, especially if they didn't have clear ideas on what it meant to be transgendered, transexual, transvestite, etc. to begin with.

I always got images of trees in my head when I told them. Probably cause they are so peaceful and non-judging. haha
I'd consider myself pansexual as well.

Support Love!

I believe the bottom left is a tentacle monster. XD
Nevermind, I think Lena's got it right.
It is better to be hated for who you are then to be loved for who you are not.
Stick to it. There is nothing wrong with being who you are, and you should be proud of yourself for not backing down even in the face of hatred. People generally warm up to the idea. Be proud.
dont mind the people that are that close minded. its not their fault they didnt mature past 3rd grade

and to be honest, its probobly a good thing that a shit ton of people on this site know what town you live in, but that guy that hit you probobly wouldnt be doing anything for a very long, long while. there are a lot of things to be said about a man that hits a woman, from where i live, the loudest expression is a curb in their mouth...
it can be hard to start. but once people calm down its cool. but maybe it was easy for me. i live in the city. on a completely unrelated topic. the banner ads are about the content on the page. its advertising an all gay cruise XD
what i don't understand is why anyone makes a big deal about it. personally, i don't believe in it. if anyone can show me proof of a homosexual gene, please do. not to bust down on anyone. all i'm saying that it's all a choice and nobody is born like that and whatever anyone wants to do, they can.
but i don't believe gays, bis, etc. should be any more special than any other person/ethnicity..
but yea, be yourself..whatever. =]
It's interesting when folk claim it's a belief. I don't understand why anyone could think that, when sexuality is such a basic inbuilt instinct. That's the word I needed, 'instinct' - an inbuilt response.

It isn't something you consider or get taught and then choose to believe. And the impact of being Gay is be potentially osterised by your parents, friends, co-workers, etc., lower rights etc. Plus, most Gay folk don't know any other Gay ppl when their sexual urges develop.

And you don't need to have sex first to know who attracts you, do you? Unless you have a very low sexual drive, in which case it might not be important to you - but most ppl have no choice because sexuality is a basic built in drive by nature.

And for proof of a homosexual gene, there is evidence of the situation being more complicated than just that. Hormones in the womb seem to play a part as well as a region on the X chromosome called Xq28 which shows a high correlation between gay brothers and not their straight brothers. You can google for more on that I'm sure.

But human sexuality is complex, there are many variations, but most Gay people have only a drive for the same sex as them. It's why it's so hard for them, 'cause they can't choose to change even though a lot of Straight people treat them as second class or worse.

And I'm glad you support being yourself - in this matter, people don't usually get a choice - unless they are bisexual (though again, often no choice to choose who they find attractive), pansexual or very low libido, etc. I've met some asexual people online who believe things are a choice - but then their using their own lack of sexual drive to build a false view of most people who have a sexual drive.
we're not special, but it is not really a choice, i mean, did you chose to be attracted to who you are? people choose to like blue eyes?or brown hair? no,it just something we just we don't know why,but we do. And there are somethings we don't like in people and we don't really know why. Being gay doesn't really have to be a gene, it just what we prefer, it's just what we are attracted to. I happen to be attracted to every type of human being while you are just attracted to males. And people make a big deal out of it, cause it's kind a struggle for most people, to have someone beat down on you for what you are, or for who you chose to love. like..think if you brought home some boy and your parents hated you for it cause they didn't like them, it'd hurt wouldn't it? It dose take courage to come out about being gay, because there is a risk of people hating you for it, there is a risk that you might lose friends or family members. Its fine that you don't like it, but just be careful about what you say, cause i don't think you want to hurt anyone's feelings


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