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How the fuck do you pull off the perfect fan? Not only talking products here but also tools and technique. Here's a few pictures attached of what I mean by the "perfect fan."

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It depends a lot on your hair type. My friend pete has really good hawk hair and can get his almost perfect every time, but my hair is a bit more hit and miss (I've even had pete do my hair and it not turn out as well as his).
ok, but how did you guys do it?? I'm looking for all tips from everyone who has every gotten their hair to fan like that.

Directions, diagrams anything. But tell me how you actually pulled it off. :)
Well, this is how I do my hair now:

1: take a shower, shampoo and condition properly
2: dry off
3: blow-dry your hair until it's completely dry and starting to get fluffy (comb hair while it's wet, use a brush when it's just damp)
4: Brush it a bit more
5: Pull up sections of hair with a comb hairspray the base and blowdry (do this all the way along the hawk. Some people find it best to start in the middle, so it's more even)
6: Spray the tips
7: Patch it up, if there are any holes or gaps in it grab the two sections either side and pull them together, spray and dry (might take a few coats of spray).

That's pretty much it. Look at my pics for how long my hair is, takes me 15-20 mins (excluding shower and drying).
If you just shampoo it it cleans all the oil out of your hair and the hairspray clings better, if there is conditioner it doesn't.
When you comb wet hair it breaks.
really it only breaks if you tangle it or have unhealthy hair. But you're right on the conditioner.

still need help w/ technique tho. Paddle brush and blow dryer? How big of a section do you take? lying on yer side? HOW DO YOU DO IT PEOPLE?? Inquiring minds need to know.
ok exactly like 'terror' and 'segadoway' have said as for technique i found this video helpful..
That's why I shampoo and then condition after (not use a 2-in-one).

If you shampoo first it cleans it, then you condition after, which makes it easier to comb/brush afterwards which stops any breaks when combing later.

You need to condition your hair once it gets long or it gets tangled and knotted easily, it also helps prevent bleached hair from breaking and makes any dye in it last longer.

I condition. It's hard not to when your hair is way damaged.
And if I recall one of my photos was linked at the beginning of the discussion.
I agree. I don't condition if i'm going to put my hair up.
It makes my hair way too soft, to the point where i can't put it up.

the only problem with conditioning your hair is that it might weigh it down depending on the product. And honestly, you don't need to wash your hair everyday. It's not healthy for it. ..But then again, neither are mohawks. 


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