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Hello there,

Just found this through google and thought i would have a bash. I am not great at forums and stuff but i thought i would see if i can get used to it. lol Im from Glasgow and have had a Mohawk for the last few years on and off. Well the last 15 years. lol

How are we all?

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HEY! Welcome aboard! Everyone is cool here, I'm sure you'll do fine. Take a look around, say hi to some people. Lots of forums, lots of members, and even a really cool chat room! (the site is a tad odd and slightly overwhelming at first, but it's rather easy to get used to)

I think this introduction/forum is a good way to start off on the right foot, instead of joining and posting "OMGZ I NED HALP 4 MAI HARZ" or "How do u do it?"

you get 20 points.
I officially award you 20 punk points!
Thanks guys.

Punk points already im on a winner here. lol I have been doing it too long to scream for help like a 12 year old whos parents don't aprove. My mother just calls and asks what the hell have i done this time. lol I'm so glad i havn't lived with the family for a few years. lol Yellow is in the in colour for me at the moment. But hey i will have a brows around and see if there is any discussion on colour at the mo.

See ya all around guys and girls.


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