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Anyone have any super fantastic food recipes or favorite foods that they would like to share?
Or a type of food you could never live without?

I'm a sucker for pineapple pizza and grilled cheese.
I can make english pancakes (or we know them as crepes here) fairly well, but it's not exactly rocket science. Otherwise I don't cook a lot. haha.
So what about you guys?

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hehe last night i had tempura and unagi..... it was sooo yummy
Aww I'm jealous with all this sushi being mentioned!!
I have to be careful if and when I eat it. I have the most unfortunate shellfish allergy. haha. but it all looks so mouth watering goooooooooood O=]
im sorry, you should try unagi, its eel, not shell fish, or a salmon roll, forgot what its called but it awesome
the mom and pop shops usually have the best sushi
this is true haha. I usually just have to let them know before I order...there's a nice place in the middle of mystic, ct. all tucked away and delicious
dude. all i make is mac 'n cheese, raman noodles, and french toast.

scratch that. i like to barbeque. MMM i fukin love meat. i dont like a single vegetable sadly.
Thats ok, I'm not offend by meat. Haha.
I'm not a peta pushing loser either. I quite dislike peta for giving vegetarians a bad rep.

If I raised and killed my own food then I'd be fine with it, but I'm just too lazy to raise animals that I wouldn't be able to harm later on. .-.

Killing a carrot on the other something I could do. =]
i basically live off of ramen noodles, meat is delicious, and i dont like a single vegetable either. im not a rabbit lol :p
you may not be a rabbit but you are a human, eat healthy or suffer the consequences
dont be surprised when a heart attack comes up on ya..
I would never be able to live with out peanut butter and jelly, preferably organic PB+J, on either whole wheat or potato bread.
There are days where all 3 of my meals are nothing but PB&J.

I also don't think I could live with out pork.
Nothing better than barbecueing some baby back ribs, and some good pulled pork.
Beef on the other hand, I've never really cared for, other than the occasional hotdog.
pork is amazing, best meat there is.:)


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