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Hello! I've used gelatin in about 6 months and I've allways problems wash it out, so you guys and girls that also use gelatin how do you wash it out in a easy way?

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When I have it in my hair, I use something called spiker eraser.

It clears it out rather quickly
okey but were can i buy it in sweden?
im pretty sure there are some shampoos and hair product especially for doing this stuff..........
Warm water, and be patience dont tear it out :P. Hair conditioner may help a bit.

Vamt vatten, ha tålamod slit inte ur gelatinet :P. Hårbalsam hjälper lite också.
okey thats good

ok fan va bra då vet jag
i have no patience, also no money to pay for the water bill
Haha. True... Hair conditioner ain’t so much gutter punk either xD
But if your hair is your pride... which for some kids it is... you want to keep it healthy. whoo.

Anyone ever use dish soap?
I used dish soap to wash out wax.
Mix your dish soap with a little baking soda, and let it sit on your head for a few minuets.

But if your asking about spiking, I've never personally used it, but I have a friend who did and it made her 'Dyke Spyke' stand for days.

oh no, just to wash it out.

I have a sadistic mother who would only buy dish soap for us to wash our hair when we were younger cause "we never got it clean"... = I
It killed my hair is what it did.

But I could see it working rather nicely for gelatin.
I used cum. Dries rock hard. Glue for the tips.
fuk u


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