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So, yeah. I was just wondering, how often do you shave the sides of your head?

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i do mine once avery 2 weeks cos my hair grows likie the front lawn
Thats awesome and I'm gonnna try that. I cant see the back too well(even with 2 mirrors) and I always do it basically blind and I hack off pieces around the crown and back. So you dont have that problem with the mod? Like could you do it without a mirror and not fuck the hawk all up?
Great advice man. Got myself an electric razor today. Works a treat. When my 'hawk gets a bit longer I'll cover the middle blades as you said and hopefully all will be good. Seems like a great idea!
Cos its effort and money to shave, buy dye, and do detail etc, i do mine every 6 weeks!
every day , with a razor in the shower , after doing it for 30 odd years you can do it blindfolded :) secret is to do it every day , don't let it get too stubbly then you won't make mistakes .
I had to do mine like 2-3 times a day to keep it in check, so i leave it a bit longer then do it when i can be bothered
i usually do mine every two weeks or so.
Every 2-4 days
I was surprised how fast mine grows back, but I have my mom do it every 2 weeks or so and try to go once a month to my hairdresser so she can clean up the back of my neck properly. Cause my mom's no hairdresser lol
about once a month, i dont mind the look of it when there's a little hair there. i REALLY gotta get me a razor and learnt o do it myself though, the bald looks so much better lol
ugh i shave ma head every 2 weeks..... i do a join operations on my head lol ugh what i mean is i shave and if i get lazy ma barber does it... my question to anyone what if u have curly hair and want the hows the best way do it yourself of barber ?
every 2 months or so... lol i fail :)


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