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they are sooo comfortable but i cant tell if theyre too scene and if they would go with all the patched up jeans and jackets i have...

some input and opinions would be great.

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your opinion is wrong, apart from the last bit
not you skip, ur good
i usually never buy anything from hot topic for that exact reason,but ive learned not to give a fuck because they look retarded and i look rad[that sounded concieted but i didnt mean it like that]
so if thye see me rocking the shoes and skinny jeans with leopard print that I MADE not bought for an extra 4o bucks,so what,theyre just little sheep that follow the latest fad religiousely.
hey you dont go to school so you dont have to worry about them being copied at least. now a bunch of ppl at west are wearing those anarchic boots you gave me, ive seen 3 already.

i hate trendy kids haha.
bitching and moaning about someone 'copying' you is ridiculous.
to a certain extent of corse (no-one likes those types that copy you for everything you wear/say/do, thats abit extreme)
end of the day. if you buy something from a shop, you should know that someone else will have the same thing without a shadow of a doubt.
naff all you can do about it.
go ahead, try and customize that thing to make it look more your own and of corse no-one will have the same thing because obviously you amde it however somewhere someone will have done a very very very smiliar thing to there stuff.
its very rare to come up with something truley original that someone else hasnt at least thaught of before.
jsut because you made it first doesnt mean someone else wasnt thinking about doing it way before you.
the shoes look ace.
i baught some 6 pound grey high tops from primark and i've drawn tattoo script 'skunk' and 'patches' (nicknames)
on both sides. and ive had loads of people ask me where i got them from ect. but i wear them with my punk shit.
i dont necesserily dress 100% punk or w.e you might want to call it, i dress in what i feel comfortable and what i like.
i'll be hoenst with you, i havnt seen many people that do dress the way i do (which is still punky but with my own little twist) but going back on what said before, it doesnt mean i'm the only one.
not saying no-ones there own person though.
dont start spitting your dumbies at me claiming how theres only one of you, your your own person and your own style blah blah blah.
because face it, yes your your own person, we all are but we all act practically the same.

however those whom dare to proove themselves otherwise and be more original than your everyday sheep fucking go you.

annnddd ive gone off on a tangent and lsot my thread.
im sure you get the picture
i personaly dont realy like them...but they dont look scene at all
u look beautiful in anythin cz ur gorjuz n th shoes r nice

Joey never struck me as the tiger type. Man, I have a new perspective! SO MUCH FUN.
not really there ok i dig the colors ^^
the shoes arnt scene, persides its not what the prodict is its who's wearing it in my opinion...
The first one looks better to me, bright pink shoes don't appeal to me. But its your choice.


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