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For anyone who hates them, and who hasn't read my topic in the "anti-nazi" group, light this guy up.;

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already posted a banhammer topic. but the more the merrier! too i knew he was a nazi but i decided to let him go for a while, now he is bringing more nazis in it has to stop.
I think he ran into the kid, not introduced him into the site directly. But it looks like they do know each other from somewhere.

However...what qualifies them for banning? I would also refer to the other thread.
No one really agrees with those points of view, but on the flipside, there is probably someone out there that doesn't believe with yours, either.
Its all too subjective to pretend to be objective about.
he is a nazi and that is enough, you CANNOT be a nazi and be harmless, the beliefs want all other races wiped out, this is more than enough for a ban.
Well, I believe the entire human race should be wiped out.
Do I get banned for that? XD
seriously HerB, just with all the hate and prejudice amongst the "normal" populace is enough to convince me that the only thing humanity can work together on is its own destruction lol hope i'm not getting banned either
Hehe, personally, I'm more in favor of mass sterilization.
That doesn't mean that they won't have a change of heart, either. I don't think it's a widely supported idea, in any sense, especially after WW2, but it's still out there. And you are also speaking from personal beliefs, as well. Who is to say that there isn't someone who doesn't agree with what you believe it - whatever it might be.
Just like right now, as an example, I can honestly say, a dictatorship is the most efficient form of a government (in regards to decision making and getting things done --- can discuss outside of here), but I don't support one (I'm not a fan of losing specific rights and practices) Still, a lot of people will disagree with the idea of a dictatorship, but I can still tell you why it's efficient. ///////// So maybe the boys share a similar perspective (the ideas/principles over practice) for nazism. I don't think anyone once has asked them why they support it or what aspect appeals to them in a civil manner. Have you?

Unfortunately, short of them showing up to your doorstep, the situation is out of your (and and everyone else's) hands. GMM made some good points in the other thread. You don't have to be in contact with either of the boys. It's just as easy to hit the ignore button (or pretend you did).
** fascism I think Is what I was looking for. nazism works too in my head. lack of sleep and endorphins :-P
yea ill staright up admit the other guy happens to be one of my best friends he created his site to piss off fuckers and before he even said anything about an hour later he got a bunch of Fuck You type comments
if he did it to get that reaction then what was he expecting?
fascism is NOT acceptable in any circumstances, sure they may have a change of heart, and when they do they are welcome to come back, but as long as they here i will not stop trying to get them to leave, i wont verbally abuse them, but i will petition to get them banned and anything else to have them removed from the site, if he has nothing on his page saying anything about his beliefs etc and he makes constructive comments hen i wont, but so far i havent seen this happening
then you've learned nothing


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