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So lately I've had quite the taste for death-rock and psychobilly. does any one know of any good bands and songs?

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So I take it no one will help me....
nekromantix, the meteors, koffin kats
among other songs, Who killed the cheerleader
its been a while since I've listened to much psychobilly, thats all I can remember
thanks, dude nekromantix rocks
The Horrorpops, The Cramps, if you like good straight up rockabilly i suggest The Stray Cats... i usually don't go for psychobilly because its Stray Cats blended with The Misfits, both good bands but to me its sad to hear those bands rip them off....but thats just me. Perhaps you may enjoy em', good luck check em out!
idk what death rock or phycobilly is but some good hardcore bands are
white chapel
job for a cowboy
as i lay dying
mortal treason
suicide silence (eh)
My friend, this is slightly fail.
Mad Sin
Demented Are Go!
The Creepshow
Stray Cats
Guana Batz
Horror Pops
I <3 the horrorpops
so i just saw this now, but The Creepshow is -amazing- live!! anyone who has a chance to see them play i suggest you take it!! :)
So, I picked up a cd at work that was called "This is Horrorpunk" and it's part of a series. I would recommend those if you aren't sure. A pretty healthy mix of bands.

A few of my favorite songs are "Eaters of the Dead" "Be My Ghoul" "Gimmie Gimmie Your Heart" "Thats My Mom"
uhm if you look it up, you can see they are all on the same CD, but it's a good jumping point. =]
Misfits (obv.)
Zombie Ghost Train (Horrorbilly)
The Matadors (horrorbilly)
The Creepshow (Horrorbilly/horror-rock)
Frankenstein s Drag Queens From Planet 13 (Horror-punk)
The Damned
45 Grave
Wednesday 13

those are my favourites.
hey thanks all, these are some really great bands


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