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I'm not straight-edge, I just don't drink or get high.

I live sober.  I haven't always, but right now I do.  I don't put mind-altering chemicals into my body.  I'm not straight-edge, I'm not big into the hardcore movement, I don't make a statement out of abstinence.  I merely find that I have more friends left in the morning if I don't drink.  

So I'm at a gig or I'm in a pub or wherever, and I'll be offered a drink.  
I say "thanks, but I don't drink".  
If I'm punked-up, the first response will usually be "ah right, straight-edge, hardcore!" 
I'll say "no, I just prefer orange juice".  
"Go on, have a pint then, it won't hurt you!"
"I appreciate the offer, but I don't drink".
"You've never had alcohol?  Ever?"
"I have in the past, but I don't want one now".
"Look, if you want me to fuck off, just don't be rude about it".
"No, it's not that.  I'm a recovering alcoholic, I don't want a drink".
"Oh shit, sorry".

Does it really need to go that far?  I mean seriously!  Does anyone else have this issue of people being weird and pushy about alcohol or drugs?  

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I know right, it's like some kinda taboo to refuse a drink or a drug.
Orange juice kicks ass.
i freakin love orange juice.

my friends mom sees me and asks my friend (while i'm not around) " is that kid a bad influence?"

other than that people usually think i'm a stoner.

but i dont drink or smoke either. i just wish they would get to know you a bit before they judge you.
I take drugs and get drunk.
I always just say I'm the D.D. although I don't drive though haha.

I seldom drink and never do drugs. None of my friends do drugs and only a few drink, but I guess that's because we're just a bunch of boring dorks :)

You don't have to be sxe to abstain. Everyone has different reasons, mine is I'm a control freak and don't like feeling like my actions aren't my own.
I don't know why, but it seems to really bother people that I don't want to drink anymore. And like you, it's not due to any straight-edge/hardcore lifestyle. It just seems to be far too much of a hassle to bother and I don't find other drunk people all that interesting... I mean I used to, I liked to mess with their minds. :)

I haven't had anyone get hostile about my disinterest in drinking, but it does lead to endless (and just plain stupid) questions. This has lead to my avoiding going out with friends to simply 'get drunk' which is always misinterpreted as "I don't want to get wasted and that makes me better than you".

Opposite from you though, I find that the less I drink, the fewer friends I have. Weird.
"This has lead to my avoiding going out with friends to simply 'get drunk' which is always misinterpreted as "I don't want to get wasted and that makes me better than you"."

Exactly. You don't have to be trashed to have fun. I prefer not to do that - to me it's just obnoxious and a waste of time.
My friend out here was telling me (he's a minor, and I'm not) "Lets rent a hotel room and drink all this vodka I bought!"... I can drink whatever, whenever, and almost where ever. And I was was raised in an open house - if I wanted it, I could have it. So alcohol was never taboo for me and I do not go out just to get trashed because I can or to rebel or to get back at my parents. Like some of the kids I know, haha.
it may be a shitty way to feel but i do think im better then alot of people that drink.. it takes a stronger person to stay sober and have fun while doing it then it does to be drunk all the time..
I always tend to live far away from the shows. Lots more driving. And dui's are not on my list of things to achieve.

People get weirded out by it sometimes, but get over it. I've noticed's typically the kids who do nothing else all day (instead of school or working, etc) who get up in arms about it more often if you aren't down for whatever at the time. Whoops... =/
Sometimes its just easier to have a sprite or a ginger ale in hand if you want to avoid drink pushers. Both drinks especially in a clear cup look like you must be drinking something and enjoying the night with the rest.

If they push to smell it or drink it and accuse it of being weak or having no alcohol, laugh really loud and compliment them on how awesome and drunk they must be to not even taste anything. Compliment them on being positively pissed and a great drinker to not even taste your strong drink.

If someone is really drunk and pushy and wants to taste it over again, fumble the drink and spill it, if they are a real ass take the opportunity to possibly spill it on them if they really deserve it. This latter tip may not be everyone as I am about the size of your average bear I can get away with more.
I do like a good drink, and as an ex student, its my forte. But i never get to that point of people carrying me down the street because i cant walk... or see for that matter! I have done it the odd time before, for festivals and such, but it usually ends up me being in bed for 3 days after in normal circumstances!

I live in a 'squaddie' town, were one of the biggest garrisoned towns in England, so there are regular fights outside of bars/pubs/clubs here, for some reason people like to get beyond the point of control, which i find funny/amazing and down right sad, im sure others in the UK will know how bad the drinking society is here!

Being one of only !!!3!!! people around with a Mohawk (as far as Ive come to tell) its always a good laugh trying to deal with someone out of their face (and me not being the average sized bear like GiantMohawkMan) because they want to 'touch it'.

Its all gradually putting me off going out into bars/clubs, i like sticking to my back alley pub for a quiet few!

Never done drugs, or ever will, don't like the idea of them. Ive been to Amsterdam, on a trip with 10 friends, and didn't do anything there, that's how strong i feel about the idea ^^


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