Mohawks Rock

I am getting one.
Experiences/Stories? Whatever else you can think of?

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i wanna get an industrial.
ohh and ive been wanting a rook piercing for a while too.

Hmm...pretty sure it would suit you.
i could tell you a price if i went to town...
havn't been into diabolic in ages.
Categories are for squares, most people only scan the first page anyway.
my sister has one, she loves it.

use sea-salt when its healing, by the far the best thing ever. no pain AT ALL and it heals super quick.
..I have one and planning to get another one on the other side. Many say its the most painful in the ear, I swear it did not hurt, but it did bleed. For the first week the swelling might annoy you rubbing against the shaft but you ll get used to it =P just clean 3 times a day with salt water and you ll be fine.
Ahh, industrials.

They're awesome. My friend has four. Tips:do NOT try to sleep on your ear-OW. Keep them nice and clean.

Cost:$40-$60 usually.

Pain:prepare yourself. Anything cartilage is a bitch.
i had an indistrial make sure you have the right ear type tho, the piuercer failed to tell me i didnt and it got badly infected and just wouldnt heal.. rooks and tragus's are sweet
What "kind" of ear do you have to have? O.o I didn't know there were types.
some people don't have a nice ridge at the top - their ears are kind of flat, and that isn't friendly for this piercing.

Seg - just make sure your jewelry fits! please!! I see too many people with ill-fitted jewelry walking around who then get bad scarring or prolonged times of irritation and healing.
Ohhhhhhhh. Gotcha.
dude all i can tell ya man is fuckn go for it bro. I got a shitload of metal in me including 1 inch lobes, 00gu nostrils, 8 gu lip rings (3), 6 gu nips, 2 gu PA , 8 gu frenum an 4 gu cbr in my ball bag. chicks love metal in a dude....once ya get it man...youll fuckn get more
I couldn't understand some of it....but have you got an industrial?
I think he said:
his ear lobes are stretched to an inch
nostrils are 00 (stretched, 00 gauge/ga)
3 8ga lip rings
Nipples 6 ga
2ga prince albert (genital)
8ga frenum (genital)
4ga captive ring in his scrotum (also genital)

no industrial..I've also read some locales call it a scaffold piercing.


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