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Ok so everyone has always wondered what it would be like to have megga long hair then get a hawk , I know I have but just don't want to wait that long for my hair to grow again , thats when it dawned on me , why not buy some cheap ass hair extensions lay them out into a perfect fan , spray the shit out of them with my fave hair product , part my hawk down the middle and insert the hair extension fan , put my hawk back together and smother with my fav product :) instant Megga Hawk , so should I give it a go and post the results ?

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i think it would look weird.. unless the extensions are thick and you can match it up with your current hair color it would look obvious that the middle is long and the sides are short haha. but hey, id still like to see how it turns out!
Ive been wanting to try that. GIVE IT A FUKKIN SHOT
it would take some tweaking, to blend it all in, but I think you could do it!!
go for it. its sounds like a niffty idea (yes i said niffty). not as awsome as a natrual.
ok so I have ordered the hair extensions :) 3 sets of 21" platinum blonde , so just have to wait till they arrive and then it's testing time :)
how do you plan on getting them to stay in? are they clip ons or do you plan on actually attatching them (sewing or gluing?)
well I hope I can remove the clips and sew them all together , I have made a template of the shape of my head including dents :) and will lay all the extensions out on it , I don't know if I need to pin them to the template while I tease them out to the right shape before I spray them with my secret weapon , the aim is to have something rigid enough to stand up without the help of my hair , my hair should only make it stronger when I join my parted hawk back around my extensions . well thats the theory and we all know how they go don't we lol , I better not go bald :(
well good luck!
Haha, this should be interesting:D
WoW that's a Fan-dam-tab-u-luos idea!!!!!!!!!!! i wanna see that shit!


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