Mohawks Rock

...a little known feature called the "CHAT ROOM".

Guess what? It doesn't bite!
So, how do you use this chat room, you ask? EASY!

-Generally, there is a tool bar on the bottom of your browser window.
-The easiest way to keep the chat running smoothly is to use the "pop out" window button (the one that has a small square turning into a bigger square). This will open it in a brand new window!
That way, you won't have to reload the chat each time you visit a new page.

-Some days you may experience "Chat Lag". Symptoms of chat lag include: "frozen chat" when the room is completely active and/or delayed posting of messages you type and send.
To fix this, log out of the chat and log back into it. Whether you close and reopen the window is up to you.

-You can also privately message any member in the chat room. All you need to do is click on their name and select "Private Chat". When you do that, it opens a new tab in the chat window, and it should "flash" anytime you receive a new message from that member.

--If you don't know who any person is, you can click on their name on the members list in the chat, and view their profile, just by clicking "view profile". Easy enough, right?

-This chat room feature is awesome! It'll help you get to know more people, and you'll find out things you might not normally know just through chatting in the forums. We don't bite, much.

There is a person icon with a red or green spot next to it. If it is red, you are "off line" and not showing up in the chat room members list. If it is green, the members in the chat room can see your name listed.

If you do not want to appear as "on line", click the icon. Answer the question, and you'll be good and "off line". Also, you will not be able to read anything in the chat room until you log back in as online and open the window.

*****Please Read*****
Please, do not try to burn bridges before they are built. Take the time to get to know one another before you decide that you want to make everyone hate you. It's never pretty, okay?

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Sup /chat/?
/chat/tard? doesnt have the ring to it, /chat/brat?
/chat/eau, classy.
We are all class here.
LOL I know a couple people that will be very happy with you, Khaos, for this. ;)

Hopefully it makes some people more aware of this live feature.
I didn't know how to use it for the longest time. Maybe it's the same for them, too?
Yeah, it was a bit hidden. You gave a good detailed write-up of everything though. (See, my cunning bump to keep topic visible in top 5 topics) ;) heh heh heh
thank you, thank you. haha

I'm sure this will float down a bit, wish I could sticky it, haha.
Awww don't be! ;-)
AWW NO!!! it's ok, unca seg will protect you!
Oh good!!

Bring friends. haha
but what if theres a bigger boy in there?.....
can i break him ^^


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