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Well, I have a problem. I just started thinking about this problem. I am on the school basketball team. My coach think, and I agree with him, that it would be incredibly obnoxious and distracting if I had my mohawk up during basketball game. It is getting too long to just let it lye down. So my question is, when you do not have your mohawk up, what do you do with it? Pony tail? how do you do that? I am looking for any suggestions :). Funny ones if you're bored.

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you could put it in a pony tail/top knot if its long enough, if its not long enough you can pin it back with bobby pins. im sure you could get away with using a strong gel to slick it back out of your way..
Would the bobby pin thing make me look ridiculous? Even though it's basketball, I want to look the least amount lame as I can. I need to save face with the basketball jocks since we are the on the same team haha. They already aren't too fond of me.
i dont think so, i do it a lot. you can get bobby pins in pretty much any color so you can find some that would blend in and it would basically look like your hair is slicked back without all the crunch of gel. if you just want black ones they are usually super cheap and you can see what it looks like. or if you have some females around they are bound to have some somewhere :P
To be very honest, I think a mohawked basketball player would be pretty rad. And if I was on an opposing team I'd be intimidated. (I think this one is my favorite because there are pictures)

I'm sureeee there are more, but these posts should help. I know CorpseQueen has posted in most of them =P (she give good advice) and I think I have posted in a few too. This is just the first few topics that I found when I typed "down" into the forum search. Hope it helps.
Thank you for all the help :). And I would keep it up when i play but the coach (my dad) wouldn't want that. And I would be poking people left and right XD
No problem! =]
I can just see it now.. "Foul! That boy attacked him with his hair!"
Lol I go to open gym sometimes and stab people unintentionally. I feel bad. I say sorry during the lame is that? I think there is actually a rule against wearing things distracting to the game...and i think mohawks would count.

That would be very funny XD
I think thats kinda cute.
well thank you XD haha
You are welcome.
Your coach is is incredibly distracting but I somehow managed to get away a few times when I forgot I had a game. The easiest and most secure way I found, depending how long, is to start at the front with a ponytail, pull the end of it into another one and work your way back. If it's not long enough for that, I strongly second CorpseQueen's recommendation for slicking it back with gel.


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