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What nicknames have people given you?

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only ever had one nickname but it has stuck with me for the last 25 years , SPOOK , I took a girl for a quick ride round the block on my ducati and she came back white as a ghost and puked everywhere , and some smart arse said she must of seen a ghost and from there it became SPOOK , now most people think it was because I scare the shit outa people by the way I dress and look , I guess there are worse things to be called .
Just a quick note, might give one more detailed later.

Have a vendor that calls me and my boyfriend mermaids. seriously. cause of "the fin" and mermaids have fins.

He's special.
I thought I replied to this before. Guess not.

At work I often hear my workmates call for "spikey man to the counter"
Only one, Battleaxe. I'm not sure whether to be insulted or flattered. What do you guys think? And the guy who calls me that shouts it like Mel Gibson, so I'm really not sure.
My friend told me he wanted to chop off my head, put it on a stick, and use it as a weapon...I took it as a compliment.
i get called scumbag, freak, wierdo, emo, pirhana, the fucked-up girl, goth, pin cushion, loser, misfit, retard, skank, fucking bitch, disgusting, rancid, ugly, lowlife scum, mistake, zit face, and lots more.
lol your lucky
Agreed - it's worse though when someone tries to start a trend amongst your friends by being a smart mouth. The other folk don't really matter, but I used to get called nearly daily going up my road from the bus: 'Dude! I love your hair!" by a group of kids (It's a bit of a mouthful for a nickname...XD ).

It used to make me grin 'cause they thought they mattered...only folk I care about, are worth getting upset over really. Sadly, that can happen too on occasion when they're not thinking and just enjoying making an insult 'cause they think it's funny at the time and it makes them laugh (at your expense). They wouldn't like it if they got called something that makes them see red, I'm sure. But they don't consider that.
yeah i agree. People are so shallow-minded.
Never had a real nickname :)
lucky you
Everyone calls me Eli which is shorter for Elijah, but the only nickname i ever got was in junior high. The principal made me shave my head cause i had bleached hair and i was a little chubby and everyone called me bobby cause i looked like bobby from king of the hill.


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