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Couldn't figure out what group would be the most appropriate, so I'm making this an open forum instead.

What issues do you have the most with your hair? Have you found a way around it or are you still looking for help?


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f00kin wind nocking it over:(

and the back dies easy:|
Don't let your hair die!!! :-(
the top of it curls :((((
would really like some tips if anyone has any.(the tips of the hair on top curls like mad, i try using spray and usually have to use a bunch a spray and spend extra time just to make it somewhat straight)

I also touch the ends up with a hair dryer and a comb and usually it's fine.
also, it helps if you dry your hair prior (assuming you style it wet)
what i usually do is have a shower, and after a good shampoo i towel dry it really well, and then try to put it up.
but ill try from straight dry.
It could help. Worse case is you can buy a mini straigtener for $25 (they do exist! they are travel sized).

I remember my hair used to do that, then I switched to dry and using hairspray instead of glue.
Huge difference to me
i think wheres enough hair straightners lying around my house for an army. 3 sisters live in my house lol.

but ya, i should be trying it tonight, ill update how it went.
I have this problem:

At the very bottom in the back my hair separates side to side, and doesn't bond together... and no amount of drying, hair spray, product, or flat ironing can fix it. I have no idea what is going on?

Everything else has had an easy fix... like a split in the middle, I just start my hawk there and go back and front from that point. haha
i have the same problem and i still havent found a way to fix it >./body>
Some people have a curved bit of hair at the bottom of their neck, you can either stick the end of the hair to the other bits, or cut it off there.
it is more appropriate to be posted in an open forum, so that everyone can access it, the only problems i have is when i fan it and make a mistake, then i cant fix it.
The top and back group but the area imbetween doesn't. I phrased that badly. What happens is that on the top my hair sticks together and doesn't break up into sections, the back also does this which is nice. But the middle area breaks up into a bunch of sections. I can't get the middle to stay up very well and I can't even get the top and back to at least match the middle.


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