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Okay so besides got2be freeze spray whats good for keeping really long hair up?

I know we have a lot of these but I'm starting a new one (sorry). I usually use got2be freeze spray and it works well until my hair gets past 4 inches and then it just doesn't work nearly as well. I want to grow my hair out to a foot long and I know my current hairspray won't work for that. Anyone with really long hair, what do you use? Try to at least give me a brand name, preferably a exact name or a link.

I've been looking at knox gelatin. So I think I'm gonna try that.

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My hair is a good 7 and a half inches, Got2be still works fine. You know, when it comes down to it, so much of getting your hair to stand up is in the technique.
I'm using the cheapest damn hairspray I can find (got2B is probably the best). I'm up at 8 inches and I have a hard time getting the hair back down.

In short: Hairspray and a blowdryer.

The trick: 2 combs
how do you actually use the 2 combs technique, i have heard of it but it seems like t would be very difficult with long hair,
Any idea how you would fan a hawk with knox?
I used aquanet (foot plus) and then a thin layer of knox over it for rain.
Never used it alone for a tall fan. Short, yeah. Just in small sections at a time.
I'm gonna try sections, but for the most part I'm gonna do liberty spikes.
right on!
stand your hair with hairspay then coat with knox. wanna send me knox? I cant buy it in Australia :P
Anywho - I use aquanet.

What hairspray do you use right now? I found one in the Garnier Nutriesse - fuck that spelling - that I loved, but my hair was only a moderate height. I've used aquanet forever and a day now, haha.

ALSO - the longer your hair is, the more lighter the product you will use should be. It will weigh it down. Knox is thick and can be heavy is applied generously. And make sure you dry your product and your hair 100% - if it's damp, it will probably fall.

Go ask Courage in a Can or Antoinette. They have fucking fantastic hawks.
i cant get got2b so i use tre semme freeze and it held my hair up for 5.5 days including school, no wabbling
yea thats what I use its good shit.
i use got2be freeze spray for my hair, and its about 6 or 7 inches now. just go light, make a good base, and make sure to blowdry a lot. umm, i also use the compressed spray can, not pump spray, Rave 4x Mega Hold Hair Spray. that shit is excellent, and cheap as well, half the price of got2be


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