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I've had a looooooot of shit going on lately, been really out of the loop, and haven't logged in since last year!

What's new guys?

Also check out my new bands

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Um, well, just about everyone is gone.
Lots of n00bs and trolls.
I supposed I fit that second category, although I'm not always such an asshole :)

Large influx of naked pictures.

People still hate nazis.

Chatroom is always angry


So yeah nothing really has changed.

Everyone keeps saying that there are nude pics but I have yet to see one D;
Thats because people are reporting themmmm.
lol, figures.
Welcome back Segadoway.  Looking forward to hearing some LRU, the Thrashdaddy track sounds pretty good but I think thats just one half of your new band.
We are recording a split soon!
to sum up, same as it ever was.

not that the chatroom is angry but we talk about some weird shit


Yeah, that's more accurate XD


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