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Wassup y'all. I JUST got outta tha county slammer and I'm set to stun. Lets fukkin PaRTY! MmMMM yesssssa! Fukkin freedom. Jail is no place for a mohawk. Not a real one anyway. Some stupid assholes are really gay about everything. But as you can imagine, I didn't give a fudge. I still stood that shit up with the deodorant soap they give you if you're broke. It was a place to stay. However, I couldn't wait to get back to the alley with the rest of the trash.

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People still go too the library? Fuck dat.
Some people use the internet, some people like to read.
Yes, its crazy isn't it? People...reading. Who would have guessed people still do that..
I go to the library...I know...books. Reading is good.

I got the weirdest look the other day when I was talking about one of my favorite books. Customer thought I was illiterate apparently. Or that no one reads anymore. Or that Kurt Vonnegut just made their brain explode. That last one would have been nice.
you are a complete and utter fool, being ill educated is not cool and reading is not stupid, go educate yourself you spastic fetus

rofl @ spastic fetus
I like too read the Official High Times Pot Smokers Handbook but thats about it, really. So I guess I could say that I read books. When I was younger I used too read books. I used too read stuff like Harry Potter but I eventually grew out of that.

So yeah, I have only one book in my library and I read it. Good enough or not?
I got locked up for tresspassing at my own house. Now I lost everything AGAIN. Yay! Tha ALLEY


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