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How many relationships have you been in? Do you find that people dont find you attractive because of your hair or how you dress? What sort of people do you go for? Are you in one now?

I have just been rejected. Again.

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awwwwww, sorry sweetie. i'm 40-something and been married 2x; once to satan and more recently to an awesome guy (almost 14 years). some people are so hard to please you can waste your last breath trying.. run away from those people -FAST, they are toxic and kill you slowly! life is too short to put up with someone else's crap about how you wear your hair or how you dress. BE YOURSELF! look for friends and boyfriends who like YOU, not what you wear. keep it real! much love to you <3
Lol "shorter and boobier"
8 long term 10 short term
my looks and the way I dress have always pushed people away
inteligent , beautiful inside , and they all have something unique about them .
no have not been on a date for over 9 years , just used to being on my own I guess , did try a long distance one with a nice Chinese lady but that only lasted 3 years .
Whatever happened with that?
well when she went to the Australian embassy aproved doctor for her checkup for her visa they confirmed her late stage cancer and now there is no way she will be allowed into Australia , she has also come to the realisation that she needs to spend what time she has left with her remaining family , which does not include me :(
i. 4 (all long term, I don't believe in the whole 'hey your hawt, lets go out! 2 weeks later cya.' thing)

ii. I can't particularity say if it was cause of my hair (at the times, it was just brightly colored, no hawk yet ;D) cause when I was dating the 2nd person I'd dyed my hair then broke up a year or so later then it was another color and so forth. But My last ex said the green turned him on so maybe lol

iii. I actually tend to go for guys who are more on the bigger side with lonnnng hair. I've only ever met one guy who had a hawk (well 2, but the 2nd didn't have it when I met him. He'd shaved it off) and he's pretty much a brother to me so I'm not attracted to him.

iv. I am currently in a relationship and fighting with him to let me get a hawk. He doesn't seem to understand that even thought I want his opinion and his approval, Just because he hates Mohawks and thinks they look terrible on girls doesn't mean I'm not going to do it. I've been wanting to for years now and finally got the bawls (figuratively of course) to do it and if he doesn't respect that choice it's his own fault.

-hugs for you- ):

edited for spelling and roman numeral fail :d
With my Mohawk i've been in One relationship and still going.
Yeah people here don't find women with Mohawks attractive, they all seem to look the same. Longgg Blonde or Brunette hair. Stereotypical of my town. Yes. But i get called a dyke on a daily basis. But the people who matter to me think that mohawks are hot and or cool. So i dont really mind. And i go for the people who don't care about my hair. My personality is pretty badass and i'm not concieted trust me. I'm a chick who, if you cause drama you're out of my life sorta thing. Thats one thing i wont tolerate i go home for the drama and stress. i dont need it in my spare time.
dude i get called a dyke so much
i used to fight everyone who talked shit about me
but i live in fucking methcouver washington
and thats all you get here if youre different from the stereotypical yuppie fucks
so yeah
i just ignore it
and enjoy being single *snorts*
I have been in only ONE relationship and I don't plan on ever dating anybody else again. Fuck that shit. Girls/women are too dramatic and selfish and most of all CHILDISH. Fuck that. I'ma be single for life!!!
I don't know. To be honest I could give a fuck less.
I don't go for anybody, remember? Fuck relationships.
*hugs* (not it a gay way, more brotherly (not that I have anything against gays, its just I didn't mean it that way (aw shit))) (thats a lot of parentheses)
What about parentheses? Like there is never too many parentheses? And why is parentheses so hard to spell? Parenthesesesese crap.


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