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How many relationships have you been in? Do you find that people dont find you attractive because of your hair or how you dress? What sort of people do you go for? Are you in one now?

I have just been rejected. Again.

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Oh man the situation i am in is so fucked right now.
Why the fuck do these things have to be this confusing?
I've been in I think... 3 relationships. 1 was virginity-losing-guy, which lasted a month, where I dressed pretty much 'normal' (4 years ago now!), the second was my first lesbian relationship, she kind of liked how I dressed but she was a bit emo and basically wanted me to have straight black hair, and she was also really manipulative and ughhhh that ended badly. Lastly was my ex...or kinda current girlfriend. We broke up yesterday, on good terms, but I still feel shit about it. Anyway I think she likes how I dress but we have like nothing in common which had started to take a toll on us, hence the breakup. We did last over a year though.
There are like no punk girls round here so I doubt I'll have another relationship until I leave home next year! Which sucks.
Obviously it'd be too soon after breaking up with my ex, but I doubt I'll even kiss anyone until I leave, unless I'm drunk :D
I've ben in a few relationships. They all seemed fine with with way I am...

I get told people around here fancy me, but I guess they're too scared to tell me, because as I look like this I must be aggressive and violent right?

My ex, however, mother to my child said to me not long ago

"maybe you should change the way you dress, you don't want Lars (my son) to get picked on in school do you?"


I know kids are cruel, but I want him to learn that being yourself regardless of anyone elses opinions is paramount.

So, I started working out alot and got a rush on my tattoo progress... They won't say shit if they think I might kill them!!!

Hahaha "fuckers"
haha, cracking xx
fuckn rite dude....we are who we want to be ya kid will see that too bro. FUCK THE SHITS that dont like how we look or your kid will be touffer to man. he will eventually tell the others to FUCK OFF/maybe even teach him that so they fear him. my kids r wild as ourselves man

those who judge us....I say FUCK EM ALL and FUCK EM HARD MAN

you agree? hey get ya kid pierced man...hes ready dude...mine were
Hey, uh, so mass update for all you mohawk people...regarding mostly the ones who have been around since me and used to chat and stuff...

To one of our infrequently visiting members. Mr. Khaos.

That is all =)
CONGRATULATIONS!! Mr and Mrs Khaos, Mohawks Forever!
Thank you!!!
I've been in like 3 1/2 real relships.

1st one was awesome, but I don't really count it.
2nd one was the whole 'highschool greebo sweetheart thing'..first for everything, blah blah blah, WAS a nice guy,
3rd one was a long one, awesome guy to but was a dick. Then nice. Then a dick. You get me.

..Guy who I'm with NOW...well, I met him off this site actually :) fucking nice guy at that.

Its funny, cosI think i have a certain taste. All the guys I've been with have:
* Played an instrument (guitar,bass,drums,sing)
* Are in a band
* All skate or BMX
*All are, you know...greeby, punky, whatever.

But its difficult finding people you like like that around here. Thats why I've gone for a guy in bloody Borunemouth this time!!

PS, if you see this my love, like youuuuu :)
Two real ones, the last guy did not accept me for who I was at all. He was an ass.
Yes, in my city people are mostly yuppies who go for other yuppies.
Guys I'm attracted to. I'm not picky.
And no.
hmm...maybe 2?
I know sometimes guys dont dig the mohawk but the way i see it if people ont like my hair they most likely wont like me.
I like guys who are taller than me, and skinny but im not limited to that, i would like a boy with a hawk but its whateva.
I've had to 2 guys who were my friends before we ot together after we boke up we're still really good friends. I like this dude right now hes really cool, we both like the same stuff we both hate the sam stuff, and he like my hair ^.^

Im not in a real rush to get into a relationship, im young i got all the time in the world.


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