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both nazis and openly admit to it it, please ban these fuckers now.

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I definitely agree with your sentiments regarding Naziism. I don't support it.

But they have not jumped on the forums and forced their beliefs on us. They are not actively (or even passively from what I can see) encouraging hate and genocide on the forums.

I say innocent until proven guilty.

I wonder... if I was to say that I hate, I mean HATE all kittens and think they should be killed. And I wanted everyone to agree with me. Because I know there are kitten haters out there.
Would someone make a thread asking me to be banned?
Probably the most elequent and poignant post on this thread. In short well put!
allowing nazis on this site is not furthering the community, harassment is unnecessary if they are simply banned, someone with those beliefs simply does not belong in this community, they have stormfront.
I'm sorry but banning anyone because of their personal belief is wrong no matter how you look at it or try to justify it , if we go down this road we will have to ban half of our comunity and give up that wich is most sacred ( freedom of speech ) it is the height of arrogance to believe that one person's values should be held above all other's , who decide's which personal etho's is correct ? I for one would welcome open discussion from anyone that holds a different view from my self , who know's I might even learn something .
Fuck that.

Racism is not an acceptable personal belief as far as I'm concerned.

And no I would not welcome open discussion on the subject.

Racism is WRONG. Period.

And fuck you if you think you're better than any other human being who has a different colour skin.

That's all I have to say about that.
hence why i want them banned, internet arguments change nothing, but banning them stops the spread of their bullshit.
that causes more problems, arguing will just......argue, banning them gets rid of the problem completely
if we ban you will you shut up and stop being an anarchist? no you won't... you have no idea what exactly you're trying to do
How can discussions induce problems? We all have something we can learn. And who is to say that they won't change their mind?

I honestly think we're beating a dead horse. IT (banning) ISN'T GOING TO HAPPEN.
I vote for constructive posting from here on out. It's all be said and put out on the line to dry.
Okay this probably has nothing to do this the thread, but at the end of American History X, didn't Derek shave his head again? Doesn't that mean that he went back to becoming a skin?

I've always thought American History X wasn't completely putting down racism. I mean at first it did seem that they realised that their white supremacy beliefs were wrong and decided to change. But the final scene where Derek shaved his head after Danny was killed was the most impactful to me.

I guess somehow it portrayed what we've learnt throughout the film to be wrong.
hey man sayin thanks for being understanding hit me up sometime
I am coming back for one post because somebody messaged me and requested I do it on this topic.

Any type of superiority complex such as racial pride ultimately stems form a deep rooted insecurity. This insecurity gets constantly exploited as we get indoctrinated every time into a patriarchal white supremacist society. If anybody seriously believes third world peoples/minorities are even close to equal to those with white skins they are sadly very out of touch with what is really happening in our world. The same could be said for women, gays, or any other group that insecure people, religious fanatics, etc tend to prey on.

As I much as a disgust and ignorance it is for somebody to be involved in that type of thing, one has to have a knowledge of our world history to see how that happens. Ultimately, racial divisions have not been some natural phenomenon, they were created very consciously (like many other things that keep all of us bickering over stupid and petty bullshit) by a few insecure people with those same superiority complexes. A divide was created and fomented by privileged whites. If you wish to read about this, I don't remember the book but David Gilbert writes a review on it in his own book called "No Surrender." His reviews though are a medium in themselves where he expands arguments and ideas from behind prison walls, this review was based on the white working class and how it is not revolutionary in and of itself. Can probably find it online somewhere; I know a lot of his writing is scattered about.

Back to the topic at hand. To flame WS/NS/Nazis/Women Haters or any group is to be exactly like them ultimately. Saying you are right, they are wrong. I am better than you. When it boils down to it, that is all our society is based on but until people acknowledge this caustic fact that erodes our civility we will never get passed it, we will never learn from each other. It is no secret that a vast majority of Nazis etc are victims as well. They are victims of exploitation by politicians seeking to uphold the hierarchy, they are victims of misinformation just like the rest of us (granted this is more extreme, it is still the same basic principle.) But shit talking, beating the down, flaming them, or banning them will nto solve asny problem. It ignores it completely and refuses to make a fundamental understanding of how those ideas come to be in the first place. It is not some natural thing as I said and GMM nailed it pretty right on, a lot of it is psychology mixed with social conditions.

Banning them though is somewhat like supporting the death penalty. Already pointed out why. We need to start engaging all the oppression in the world not with might and violence (though surely that is needed at times) but also with intellect and ways to combat the PSYOPS that have been used so effectively by governments to create these social ills. It is to say they have no value and are subhuman which is utterly false. We all have a ton of shit to learn and I do not just mean theory or practical trades and such. People can also teach us how to think sharper, how to try new ways of approaching people and making something click to help them see the reality, or how to be patient ourselves and not just erupt. For instance, find some statistic they quote (like welfare mothers or the immigrant debate for example) which will often be very skewed, do your research and know the truth on it. Show how corporations are getting more welfare than any minority ever did or will, how our own government is to blame for immigration with things like NAFTA and the "free market" which creates a race to the bottom. Cite to them the effects of the World Bank and IMF in creating these conditions which foment hate. Know the history of slavery and how whites were often enslaved right along side blacks. White skin was never the privilege in slave days, money was.

Know our history then you will know more about how to deal with it. Hitler was a disease for sure but he was also genius and he knew very well the effects of psychology which is why he implemented things like marching to break people down with arbitrary routine. Our own government knew this which is why they imported many people from the Reich into our own government through something called "Operation Paperclip" (Look up how the CIA formed out of the OSS - in short, form a Nazi spy named Reinhard Geilen)

So my opinion goes like this, unless they make direct threats to any member, or severely disrupt the board without any other input that is redeemable to the community, do not ban them. They too are people like you and I. Not perfect like you or I either. Victims like you and I and we need to learn how to heal them and ourselves rather than constantly infighting amongst our populations.



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