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both nazis and openly admit to it it, please ban these fuckers now.

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its his body and mind he will do with them as he wishes... i understand u being upset but theres no need to take it seriously this is the internet for crying out loud
good question why do people tattoo crosses on them or religious designs on themselves? i put pics of all my tats on my profile. better yet why dont you attack my Sigil Of Baphomet tattoo? hey while ya at it attack my ICP tattoo? and btw you were never in a concentration camp so shut the fuck up about that dont use that as an excuse to attack me. i dont care that ya gay i dont care what you stick up ya ass or up someone elses ass thats not my problem. i have a transexual friend here and shes beautiful and even she says your bein an idiot.
I don't know why people tattoo crosses on them (I'm athiest so that doesn't make sense to me either) but that brings me back to a question I asked what do you believe, what is it about being a nazi that you would want to be one? I was using concentration camps as an extreme example, if christians had prosecuted gay people and jewish people as much as nazis and had as much of a you have to be exactly this way attitude then chances are I wouldn't want them to be near me either. I don't care if shes transsexual just because she shares something in common with me doesn't mean I understand your view point all the sudden.
See, the only tattoo I would hassle you over is the ICP tattoo ;-)

but, to each their own.
oh thats fucked up lol
Oh, not at all. Haha, I'm well within reason...
Don't ever work for hot topic and jokingly suggest you need more ICP merchandise. You'll be swamped - up to your ears - in it. No fucking joke. Haha.
And then other personal reasons on top of that.

I get just as much crap for being a "punk kid" with a rather nifty and visible star tattoo. Oh and a butterfly. And fish (with a yin and yang feel). So, you wouldn't alone ;-)
i wanna be swamped wit ICP merch lol. o fuck yea where are your tats?
All behind me. haha. I don't ever see them unless I'm in a mirror. Neck, shoulder, and tramp stamp :P

YOU CAN TAKE THE ICP MERCH. Oh my goodness. I had to cube the entire band tee wall today (didn't finish, there is a lot of tees) and the insane amount of ICP shirts..lets just say, in my part of the state, if you're a 2-5X for mens shirts, you'll be set for life.
I just figured out what ICP stands for, wow I'm slow.
hahaha! It's okay

it took me a lonnnggggggg time back in the day (2003ish) when an ex was obsessed and I finally figured out it was a collective of bands and actually had fans and stuff. haha

he just went on and on about it, just like he did about the fire department. i could only smile and nod
haha it might as well be!
i envy you lol


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