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So I'm going to a rockabilly show, and I'm planning on going FULL OUT. I have the spectator pumps, pencil skirt, Monroe-esque halter top and flirty cardigan. Hell I even have pin up makeup down pat.
Just one HUGE problem.

I have NO idea how to style my hawk..
It's way too long to do cute little flips and curls, and way to thinly cut to just part and wear like regular hair.

I need help, suggestions, and maybe some direction.

Much love.

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There are a few girls on this site who have this style, i can't remember any names, i think Ashley?
It was curled up at the front like a pompadour, looked great, i will search out pics for you.
I pin mine back, leave a bit of a poof, and curl my bangs a bit and leave my hair curly instead of straightening it.
I can't do that anymore because I have short, almost bettie paige bangs D:
I did somethig to it last nihgt which looked alright. Nothing FABULOUS but it worked.
Who says bettie page bangs can't fall into rockabilly style? try some pin-up looks!!! <3
coca cola classic, gurl
Do a victory roll. Curl a good chunk in the front, roll following the curl and pin on the inside. Leave the betty bangs and give a wave to the rest of your hair. Finish with a flower/skull/bow or anything that stands out in your hair.

Best pic I could find, suck-ass that its Paris Hilton. Guess I can't win them all.


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