Mohawks Rock not hair length =p

i'd wager a bet i'm the shortest dude here

5'3" without the 'hawk
...with remains to be seen, I haven't put mine up yet.
[well i cut my own hair once, but it was a fauxhawk and i didn't measure myself, so it doesn't count]

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And how much are you betting? Cause according to some of my doctors I'm 5'2, but everytime I measure or my usual doctor measures I'm 5'3. Whatever.
yeah, also you're 13 and not done growing. i'm gonna be 21 this year. =/
They did a bone age test, I am done growing or incredibly close to it.
You're likely to have another grown spurt near the end of high school.
For men its 5'9
my sister is the same hight and age
You know this friday is hug a short person day.
Unfortunately I'll be at my grandmas funeral, which still means lots of hugs but more like the sobbing "comfort me" kind. That sounded a wee bit insensitive but I didn't know her that well and I'm not a huge fan of my extended family.
i'm 6'3" soo gess I'm out but my girl is 5'2 o 3 she has to jump to kiss me, or i sit down shes short:P
I'm between 6'3" and 6'4", my girl is 5'4" or so, with my Doc Marten's on and my hair up, I end up looking like a beast.

im 5 feet :(
idk ive grown to like being short. people can pick me up with ease. its so easy for me to crowdsurf lol


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