Mohawks Rock not hair length =p

i'd wager a bet i'm the shortest dude here

5'3" without the 'hawk
...with remains to be seen, I haven't put mine up yet.
[well i cut my own hair once, but it was a fauxhawk and i didn't measure myself, so it doesn't count]

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mhmm! I didn't realize I left the driving part out of my response. Thank you for picking up on that!
I'm 6'. So I'm not short (especially for a Fillipino) but the majority of my friends are at least 6'3" so I tend to feel like the short one.


And I would love to have more clearance in the car for my hair :(
I was driving my sisters car all last week. Had the drivers seat at a ridiculously low angle so the minimal amount of my hair was rubbing against the roof.
Hahaha! I am very, very impressed. All the Filipinos I know are shorter than I am. Even the ones who have mixed heritage (german, scottish, etc).
*update* for anyone who cares =p

i figure i'm 5'7" with the mohawk. (and i already need to lean the seat back in my car)

fyi its a small hatchback 2004 hyundai elantra (GT....LMAO) saying that makes it about as cool as a dodge caravan..."sport" haha
I'm 5'5" - it took a long time, but I'm finally pretty comfortable with being short. It has it's advantages (agility in small places) and cheaper clothes. =)

Though sometimes I find it hard to find jeans to fit - 'cause my waist size is the smallest size for adult and most pairs of jeans come a size larger.
Everything I want is short, too.

And if it's too high up, then it's not worth my time ;-)
although, I'm rather creative about reaching tall things to begin with, so it would have to be waaaaaaaaaaaay up for me not to want it.
you suck!

the taller they are, the harder they fall ;)
Though, being short in the supermarket did give me an excuse to talk to some nice tall chap to get something from the back of the top shelf once. It helps keep me social! ^_^


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