Mohawks Rock

1. Look At Keyboard
2. Raise Head
3. Lower Head Onto Keyboard With A Bit Of Force
4. Post The Results

no forum is complete without this thread

*people with headaches, spinal problems, skull problems, PMS and brain problems should avoid this thread

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nbm, gb

i brang the keyboard to my head, si that cheating?
7bn 7uyjh-uyjm --78uykl"Today, I was selling cookie dough for a fund raiser at an old folks home. One lady ordered a box and told me that she loved cookie dough. I told her bnbn uyh7uyjhsde3wtfgvrit'd be here in 4 weeks, she said "Oh I can't wait!". Not really thinking, as I left I said, "I hope you can make it till then!". FML"
This made me lol, so hard!

all I got out of that was a c? lets try again.


): my computer just beeps angrily at me.
The first three times I did it, my computer just beeped at me. That was the fourth result.

Edited because I can't proofread.


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