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So what is is the worst and the most hilarious comment/remark you've gotten about your hawk??

Seems lately every time I come on the forum it's the same few discussions so I thought I'd add something new.
What was the worst comment/remark/action from an asshole you've ever gotten and the most hilarious. For me the worst was some idiot that just yelled "!". It just pissed me off because he couldn't come up with anything better and he said um for fuck sake.
The most hilarious was a few teenagerish kids talking and they were pointing and looking directly at me. I over heard one say "Look at that" (another one) "yea so?" (first one) "What a dyke(and Im a guy). Check out the landing strip."
I just cracked up laughing out loud. I walked up and said" You made my day(still rolling)" and walked off. He looked like he shit his self. I guess he wasn't expecting that out of me. Haha
What are yours?

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i was a race and some old man was cracking his rooster jokes (red hawk at the time, i was getting them every 10 mins there) then asked me if i wanted to see his cock.. then ran into his rv and came out with a HUGE stuffed rooster. it was horrid and funny at the same time.. worst part was my mom was with me haha.
hmmm, i really don't get too many big reactions from my hair. well, besides my parents telling me i look like a freak. whateverrr.

but there was this one time... i used to work with adults living with developmental delays. i went in to work one day with my hair up. most of the clients really loved it; they wanted to touch it and ask me questions. but one man came up to me and quietly told me that he didn't like it. when i asked him why, he replied "well... you look like a rooster."

it really made me laugh! and he told me in a way that was so innocent, like he was trying to let me be aware of this without hurting my feelings.

hmmm... thinking back on that... i reeally miss working there.
Yeah I dont get too many reactions either but every now and then some asshole makes a stupid comment under his breath. Dont really give a shit. Never had a rooster one though.
I get that a lot. haha
haha my science teachers a comic book and super hero fanatic and he always calls me sonic because of my liberty spikes.
Walked past a load of teenage girls, and they said loudly and aggressively "YUCK" then they spat on the ground and went back to smoking

haha stupid bitches...


my worst reaction i ever got is some chick came up to me and was like "whats up bro? Im diggin the hawk" and then she tries doing some gangster handshake or something. i didn't even know her, so it was weird. then she randomly took her notebook and smashed my mohawk. it just popped back up so she ran back and hit it again when i wasn't looking and messed it up. i hate people like that.
Determined to destroy - yeah, I hate folk who pretend to be friendly just so they can take a cheap shot.
Yeah that happened to me once a friend of mine thought it would be funny to smash it ,he didn't know I was in a bad mood cuz I just got dumped, but I didn't care I just calmly stood up n punched him in the face lmfao I broke his nooes
i know the feeling of the smashed hawk


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