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So what is is the worst and the most hilarious comment/remark you've gotten about your hawk??

Seems lately every time I come on the forum it's the same few discussions so I thought I'd add something new.
What was the worst comment/remark/action from an asshole you've ever gotten and the most hilarious. For me the worst was some idiot that just yelled "!". It just pissed me off because he couldn't come up with anything better and he said um for fuck sake.
The most hilarious was a few teenagerish kids talking and they were pointing and looking directly at me. I over heard one say "Look at that" (another one) "yea so?" (first one) "What a dyke(and Im a guy). Check out the landing strip."
I just cracked up laughing out loud. I walked up and said" You made my day(still rolling)" and walked off. He looked like he shit his self. I guess he wasn't expecting that out of me. Haha
What are yours?

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:3 well ive only had my mohawk for a week now but ive got some pretty awesome comments.

the greatest one so far was this little boy (he was 5 maybe) came up to me and said he loved my hair and he asked his mom if he could have hair like mine when he gets older x3 it made me giggle. i guess his mom didnt think it was funny though cause i got slapped XD

and the worst well everyday my dad seems to love to tell me how stupid i look <.< which is funny cause my dads the only person whos given me any bad comment about it -_-
lulz <3
Bitches better keep their hands off of you! Seriously. Who thinks they have the right to slap any one - especially if you're not their child and weren't doing anything wrong.
That's the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard.
Soooo.... as most of you guys know... I just moved.
And right in the middle of the bible belt.

Was walking through a store (don't remember where?) lookin' for something and cut through an aisle. Apparently a little girl was walking behind me at that point cause I heard her say something about how she liked my blue hair and her mom told her if she knew what was good for her, she'd better keep her mouth shut or I would do something (I missed that part, but it was along the lines of rude subjects that you use to scare kids).

I mean...really?
How fucking brilliant. Teach your kids that it's not okay to look different, cause those people will hurt you. Way to go, mom of the year. u.u'
I was hanging out with mates, and as we walked through a shopping center, i heard some woman telling her kid not to look at me or talk about me, or i'd go over there and hit him.
I wouldn't hurt a fly :(
Somebody said the same thing along the lines of that to my ma. (I live in Central MO, woo!)
but yeah. my ma told me some lady in the grocery store told her that i had an interesting hairstyle, but she was too afraid to say it to my face because she thought i would get pissed off or something. The fact that she thought that kinda made me mad, but what the fuck. people and their insecurities these days.
What a joke. As if someone slapped you just for having a hawk. Should have kicked her kid (collateral damage, I'm sure he was a nice kid).
ok, so i was casually walkin the halls of school with my mohawk, then this mental blonde chick ran up to me, wacked my hair, then it bounced back up, then she ran down the hall screaming at the top of her lungs "I touched it!!!! I TOUCHED IT!!!!!!!!!",, and other times i get compared to like roosters, peacocks, and a bird. i noticed lots of people think mohawks look like animals...
LOL, that's just really great
I have gotten that more than once.
That's the funniest one I think I've ever heard. What did you say back to her?
I don't think I'd ever want hair inside me...


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