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Hey everyone :3 First off I'm new here and my name is Gabe :] I decided to join after lurking for about a week haha. Anyways, I've got a few questions about having a mohawk. First off, I've been wanting one for about four years now but I've just never had the balls to cut one. I finally told my parents about the idea about a week ago when I found this site and they were appalled by it :/ lol. I've decided to get one anyways as after all it is my hair and I'm amazed enough that I've worked up the balls to decide to do so. So, I was planning on doing this myself tomarrow after I end school so It will be interesting to see how it comes out xD I might have to shave it all away and just grow it out from scratch. Anyways here are some quick questions I've got:

What do you guys ( and girls ofcourse ^^ whom still go to school) do during P.E class? Do you guys wear it up or down? I'm quite lazy during P.E so sweat wouldn't be much of an issue.

How do you guys survive the friggid weather without hats? :( I'm one of those people who abuse hats and wear them indoors and outdoors during all seasons xD Basically, do you use earmuffs or other kids of semi-warming gear? :3

And finally, could anyone share some advice on cutting a mohawk from long hair (Well, long for a guy) ? I've seen the "tape method" on youtube for guys with shorter hair but I was hoping to save some length.

Thanks beforehand and excuse my grammar mistakes ._.

edit* Thought of one more, haha :p How wide are your mohawks? I've got absolutely no clue on how wide I'm gonna cut it.

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Thanks for the comment! :) Sounds good, but I'm going to be alone when I cut mine unfortunately :( I tried to get my best friend to help me out but he had band practice he couldn't get out of tomorrow and I've got this feeling I might bailout on the whole idea if I wait much longer >_>" What kind of ear phones do you use? I realized my newly bought skullcandy ti's wouldn't have any use once I got my hawk unless I kept like a flatspot on the hawk for them lol. I'm assuming you just use buds with a hawk but I don't see how they could warm ears xD
Hehe I do the same thing with my scull candy headphones! Well, right now in ND is a little TOO cold for not hats, (-20 a couple days ago! a friend got frostbite ;.;) So I wear it down during the worst of it. Any way my point is, are headphones really warm enough? I guess they would stop the wind...
Haha I live in Winnipeg Canada, and it got down to almost -50 this week!
lol, try pairing that and having substantially stretched ears..especially if you wear tunnels. haha
Hahaha alrighty.
So. The only time youd have an issue with mohawks during gym class (besides a weight room - laying on benches etc) is if you had a fencing unit. I doubt many schools do it, but I'm speaking from experience, cause I now coach it. haha. The helm sucks and if you cant fold your hair nicely, it becomes a mess. (But by all means, go for it!)

I don't wear hats...maybe the occasional hood or two. But if you have a mohawk, you don't have to put it up every day. No obligation. So if you're worried about it, wash your hair out and wear that hat, haha.
Just consider what product you are using (the length of your hair could affect what you decide to go with). I'm a hair spray whore, cause it's generally easier for me, since I have wicked thick hair and even with a moderate width mohawk, I still have a lot of it - and it folds fairly easily. I've used glue, but my hair never folded with that to pop back up. It broke the form of the fan. So the right type of product may permit hat wearing as well.

I've never heard of a tape method? BUT you can keep your hair long!!! hahah No shame in that. Long hawks are pretty killer But if you want to cut it, you can kind of put it up and trim from there, or have someone who really knows how to cut hair do it. And if you're talking about the sides, you can use pony tails to keep the mohawk part safe (do multiple sections if you have too) cut the bulk off of the sides and then shave it down.

As far as the width, you can have it be as thin as you want. I've seen thick ones too. If you aren't sure, cut it wide and trim equally from both sides until you're happy with it. (Have someone help you if you haven't trimmed hair before until you are used to it - and it helps make sure that you don't cut large chunks out of it, too). Just make sure it fits your face!! haha
I would recommend taking a look at some peoples pictures to get an idea for the width - you might just see a style that you'll fall instantly in love with.

Good luck, have fun, and post some pictures when you're done!!!
Thanks :)

Sounds great! :) Thanks for bothering to look ^^

*Edit: Checked out the skullcandys :) How well do they fit? Buds seem simpler imo as I've a feeling those might not sit too well xD Got 45 USD on paypal just waiting to be spent so I might aswell try them out :b

Thanks for all the info ;p I've actually only fenced once in my life and I'm not planning on doing it again xD I've got extremely thin hair, would you suggest glue or spray? I've been a wide-consumer of both products throughout my crazy-hair adventures but I've never tried to hold anything up, only in place hah. The tape method involves taping down a strip of hair and buzzing everything around it haha. For obvious reasons it only works for fairly short hair. Unfortunately, I can't get anyone to help me my best friend is really my only option seeing he's the only other person besides myself I trust x] It should go fine though. I've cut my hair and others for ages so I'm mainly more worried about how the buzzing is gonna go haha. Never in my life used a hair buzzer so it could go horribly wrong xD It looks like a piece of cake though... I mean there's no hidden secret thing you have to know in order to do it right? .__." It's just like, press and pull in the direction you want? xD I'm actually gonna go buy a crappy like 30dollar one tomorrow just for this :3

Hm, speaking of styles, the only thing I've really fallen inlove with is the tri-hawk but I've no idea how I'd go about doing that x] I also like that strip of bangs a lot of girls leave to the side of their face but I fear it would just enhance my already feminine appearance. Pics will definitely be posted! :)
I think you might be able to use either product (or more!!). A spray glue could be really be the best compromise for your hair. But then again, you should experiment with different products to see what works better. I will give you this hint though (I've posted it a few other places) try setting your mohawk up when it's dry. That way you only have to dry whatever product you put into your hair. Make sure your roots are solid and in place and go from there. Definitely use a hair dryer. haha.
Buzzing the sides by yourself then would be a bit weird at first - what size guard, where you're going to start, etc. a lot of things to consider, and on top of that, if you're doing it alone, you're probably using the mirror (or 2 mirror method) so that might muddle it at first. haha. cut around the bottom of your ear first if the mirror throws you off, it might help you get your bearings for the rest of it. Just make sure you don't catch your guard in the hair you wanna keep (if you use a guard).

taping your hair sounds potentially painful.
I tried a tri hawk once before, but I really, really screwed it up and just kept the chelsea hawk instead. haha

You could definitely keep your bangs a bit longer too, and just have the hawk kind if lay forward over your forehead. I don't recall seeing any guys with bangs. But hey, it could work!!
And an alternative to the bangs - you could trim them to match your hair in length and leave a spot in front of your ears - one kid on my friends list (adrian) does it and it looks cute with shortish hair, even on a guy.
But it is all your hair in the end!!!
Thanks :) I think I'll probably just end up tieing my hair up as good as I can. Unfortunately, my bangs are like 5inches but the back is only like 2-3 so I think I'm gonna have to trim my bangs pretty much haha. Can't wait to do it ^^
Tilt your head to the side, comb the long hair to one side making a part, have a friend shave from the part down the side of your head. Flip head. Repeat.

Start wide and bring it in.
Hm. Sounds good actually. Might try it if all else fails :b Thanks.
make sure its a straight line all the way along, and spend as much time as it takes, dont go rushing things
hmm well shaving it by your self is painfully annoying, luckily my mirror moves and theres three pieces to it... my suggestion, bring a willing friend. as for the cold i usually don't shave my head so close and not as often, but head phones and ear muff do help. as far as long hair, i cant help you there, i always watch mine grow, and i'm not in school anymore but when i was P.E. was the least of my worries... rain on the other hand was my mortal enemy. best of luck to ya :D


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