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What are your thoughts about it? the people, the music, the topic whatevs
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I'm pretty straight edge. I guess thats rare for ND? we have the highest underage drinking rate in the US. Pretty sure but don't quote me on that. And I love minor threat.

But I don't think I'd go so far as to tattoo Xes on my hands...
You cant be "pretty" straightedge or even "sort of" "half" or "part" straightedge.
Right. I'm straightedge. No drinking, no smoking no drugs no casual sex.
The no casual sex, is not actually part of straightedge.
Really? But I don't care. Its still part of who I am.
Most edgers refrain from casual sex, for a variety of reasons...
One thing for sure, you'll find there are always going to be large numbers of people who'll claim to be 'straightedge' but with conditions. It's like anything, individuals have their own exceptions and yet still claim to be part of a label or 'movement'.

And some will get even more strict about how they define what the basics are. Like 'No drugs', which substances does that include? Is it just recreational drugs, does that include abusing medication or caffeine, etc... Or 'No alcohol', at what percentage, does that include wine in food, etc? And how do you define what a drug is - and what do others define it as?

You won't get a perfect concensus on what the limits are on 'straightedge' or any other label. Follow your own limits - for whatever reasons you have. Don't expect everyone to agree to the definitions though...they won't. No matter how black and white you find a definition written somewhere is - or how loose you make it - someone will be able to rationalise a caveat or a stricter code that makes them more or less 'straightedge' (to them).
Just like you cant be a nazi and not racist, you cant be straightedge and only adhere to some of the conditions.
It is no recreational drugs, medical drugs don't count.
You will get a perfect consensus, because that is what straightedge is, anything else isn't straightedge.
If someone does something different and calls it straightedge, it isn't straightedge
anybody that thinks straightedge is courage crew etc post at this site first.
You wouldn't associate yourself with he movement because you aren't straightedge.
thats one of the main reasons i cant stand straightedge, most people who are edgers are douchebags about it and act all high and mighty and preach too much.
Like Noah for instance, right?
well about everything actually.


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