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Okay, heres yet another fanning question:

So I've had my hawk for sometime now, and I've gotten perfectly adequate at fanning it, but no matter what i do i cant seem to get the top of my hair to point upward. Its fine to about the last half inch of the hair, where it splays of to the sides. I've tried spraying it with hairspray and just running it between my hands with some success and hair glue, but i just cant think of how else to do it.

My hair grows straight, and is pretty thick, and my mohawks probably about 6 inches long.

Thanks for your help!

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I get that too! Even if I straighten it. The only thing I've found so far that fixes it for me is Elmer's glue.
Those could possibly be eliminated by a bit of a trim! Could it be dead ends?
All I know is that I do the last inch of my hair separately all over. Spray it, blow dry it (with a long comb), and straighten it out so it's all even front to back.

Once in a while I get a spot like that in the back, and I'll have to comb it out and do it all over again, cause mine doesn't do that at the ends, it does it in the middle =(
A trim might help! I don't think it's dead ends , my hair grows perfectly straight.
Everyone gets dead ends...
It's the way you are fanning it.
Okay, well, how do I fix it? I don't fan it any weird way, just the usual method.
There is no "usual" method, really... haha
Hold it up with a comb, spray the base, dry it, then work up with the same method. What i meant was im not doinganything outlandish.
Once the rest of my mohawk is done, I flip my head upside down, spray all over, and smooth it between my palms. My ends are usually fine for as long as the hawk is up.


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