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started a new jacket, and i'm sick of cutting my fingers while putting studs in. any suggestions on easyer ways to stud a leather jacket.

also, lets compare vests and jackets

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White studs! I can see that...thanks a lot, man.
Unity studs?
If you could find green paint that also glowed that would be super cool. Maybe with the studs you could put them around the zippers.
Good idea! I think if I do a green mohawk, I can use the glow paint I used for the skeleton guy, since it dries clear.
Hahaha, thanks. And yeah, green would look better, thinking about it...I'm trying to introduce more colors and stuff so it's a little more random and a little less hey-guess-who-could-only-afford-one-color-of-paint.
1. I love the color scheme. Its awesome.

2. My boyfriend just showed me the same stencil for the skanking skeleton and asked me to put it on a shirt for him. I think I'm stealing your simplified version. >.> Its also, quite awesome.
thats fucking awsome
woo toes
I was thinking the same thing. =O
matt you rawwwwwwkk!
One I made last year - nothing special, it's in one of my pics - but I would like to share this with you, since I found out we're going to buy a sewing machine today!!! Which makes me curious about things I will make from here on out...not sure if I'm going to stick with what I'm familiar with or join the dark side, since I don't know how to use them. lol.

So, I sew by hand. Everything. Check this shit out. The stressbomb boys love it haha


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