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started a new jacket, and i'm sick of cutting my fingers while putting studs in. any suggestions on easyer ways to stud a leather jacket.

also, lets compare vests and jackets

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that is a freakin awesome vest!
is that pence piece fixed to the vest too?
the pence is not fixed, it was placed more as a size reference. the only thing somewhat recognizable that I had in plain sight.

I can't wait until I finish my new vests! hahaa
Haha, yeah. I don't know how to use a sewing machine, sadly.

But I love embroidery. Probably the only tell tale sign of female domestication about me ;-)
I don't either, which means the pants I make fall apart all the time. So I might begin to learn.
You could definitely do it by hand, it would just take a lot more practice keeping strong stitches and knowing a few different stitches. :-)
I'm kinda new to this so just kinda made my first jacket =)
Still under construction ofc.

Back isn't finished yet, still searching this god forgotten place for something to put on it. :P
pretty bad ass man
Thanks, it's close to being finished now ^^, I'll make some pics! :D
so theres been alot of cool vests and jackets. keep it goin
So, this is it about now,placed a backpatch and pins on the back, a new patch on the left arm and some killer studs on the shoulders. Imo jackets are ofc never finished, but I'm happy with this =) Only thing I'd like to add is ALOT more pins to the back! =D

lookin alot better. pretty bad ass
Whats the name of this kind of leather jacket, where can I find one?


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