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Since im about to dye my mohawk i was wonder what the best dye to make the color last for a long time is. what do you use? how long does it last?

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doesnt really matter what dye
although i would recomment manic panic, or punky color
you gotta take care of it

dont wash your hair as often, with shampoo, and when you do, use color safe shampoo,
it also helps to conditioner your hair first, then shampoo.

blow drying and straightening can also cause damage to your hair, causing the color to fade faster...
same with using hair products e.i) hairspray to put up your hawk

how long it will last depends on how often you wash your hair
e.i) some dye will say lasts up to 30 washes

and also the color, the brand, and how long you leave it in

manic panic is organic, which means its made with no chemicals so it can be left on overnight which is what i do when i used colors like green or light blue which tend to fade faster than the other colors.
i wouldnt suggest leaving non-organic color in for more than a couple of hours or it can damage your scalp and hair.

its also best to bleach your hair lighter first if it is dark
and bleach with caution, it can really damage your hair if you leave it for too long
most bleach kits tell you not to leave it in for more than 20 minutes!!!!
trust me chemical burn is not fun, especially on your head!
I had amazing luck with special effects for orange. Specifically. I used napalm :-D I didn't touch up my orange but had it in for 2 months or a bit longer. (I colored in early July 08 and didn't color my hair again until early/mid October, when I went to see nofx)

I used manic panic first because I wasn't going to wait for the napalm to come in the mail, but it literally rinsed out of my hair in a week. I've never ever had any other color do that to me before :-(. So That is my experience with their orange specifically. And it's not like that was the first time I've ever colored my hair, either. =\
Needless to say...I ended up ordering the special effects. Well worth the wait.

Just make sure you take care of your hair. Bleaching first will help. Although, my orange covered a lot of other colors (a dark shade of medium brown, for example) that were in my hair previously. Which was kind of cool, but obnoxious at the same time. Since I was careless, I let it bleed and my strip was uneven (look through my pics). It takes better on chemically treated hair... also heat will help it "develop" and "lock in" a bit more, so a hair dryer will help while you still have the dye in.

You can try adding a bit of color in the conditioner!!! if you condition your hair properly, then you let it sit. that color will help rev up your hair a bit - not recommended for multi-colored hair though.

Also, it sometimes helps to color your hair a second time a week or two after you do it the first time. Normally if it's a lighter color though...or if your hair doesn't take dye well.
Definitely a given :-D

I must have edited that out of my post :-(
yeah cause the heat like activates the color

so using a bag on your head helps too, even like a bag+blowdrying
Its also not a good idea to put the color in ALL of your conditioner if you plan on dong that... unless you plan on having that color as much as you use conditioner. I think that ratio is (don't quote me on this) about 1 table spoon of dye per cup of conditioner?
how long should i leave it in?
a bajillion years. =P

I leave mine in until it's just past the color I want it to be.
Try and get a permanent rather than semi-permanent dye in the colour you want. Just as the label suggests, it'll last a lot longer.
Permanent colours are often alot more dull, and hard to get out.
punky colors is my favorite dye..but what color your using has a large effect, like said by tanzmetall
yeah and alot of people dont realize that..
i found like manic panic best for their vampire red, and hot hot pink

but punky color definetly has better blue, green, and purple

i tried this other brand called paint box or soemthing, and it worked well too..
but i prefer the organix =)


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