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i am having the worst morning of my LIFE. i just really need to rant.

okay, so...... i just typed this huge long message and i was about to post it, and my computer decided to fuck up, so now i get to retype the whole thing.

anyway, i got dressed earlier, and i turns out that my favorite pants suddenly don't fit me. they're wayyy too tight now. what the hell? i just wore them a week ago and they fit fine. how did i get too fat for my pants in a week???

then, i noticed that my STUPID dog has been eating my dirty laundry. EATING it. WTF? so, along with some other things, a few of my favorite thongs are absolutely destroyed.

THEN i noticed something absolutely disgusting. I had left a small SEALED bag of candy on my floor, thinking it was fine because it was SEALED. turns out, a bunch of ants somehow managed to find their way into the bag, and my floor was COVERED in tiny nasty ants. sooo, i spent about ten minutes vacuuming them up and i threw out the bag of candy. came back to my room thinking it was gunna be fine, and about a hundred MORE tiny ants were all over the floor again. so, i've been sitting in my room since, with a mini-vac, watching as these ants come crawling out from under the baseboards, and sucking them up. i've been sitting here for another twenty minutes. and i'm SO pissed off.

AND, on top of that, i was planning to make myself a delicious breakfast, and now i don't have time since i've been vacuuming up these FUCKING STUPID ANTS.

holy shit, i've only been awake for an HOUR, what the fuck else is going to go wrong today.

oh, and yesterday, i got a lovely phone call from a guy who i haven't talked to or even thought of in at least a month, and he was yelling at me that he "KNOWS" that i think he likes me and he's "NOT INTERESTED, GET IT???" and im like WTFFFFFFFF i dont fucking care, and he continued to yell at me, and hung up on me, and then i got to go write an exam 3 minutes later.


yeahh.. just needed to rant.

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Killing spree's solve everything.
BOOM cumshot.
Eww its in my hair
i actually meant to say headshot, wtf.
thanks for the replies, guys :P

lol, gotta say, things definately improved.
and the ant problem is gone now too :)
i'm always willing to compliment some booty. just sayin

I like to read this site after having a shitty day.
example: "Today, I went to the dentist. While the technician was sucking the spit out of my mouth with the vacuum instrument she bumped a switch. Instead of vacuuming up my spit, the instrument shot all of the spit that was in the "holding tank" back out. I got multiple peoples' spit in my mouth. FML"
I can honestly say that a dozen strangers didn't spit in my mouth today. hurrah
I got spat on today.....
I <3 FML


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